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Perspective from recent graduates

Noah Splinter, '21

MS - Biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology

"Attending UWL for my Master’s degree gave me the chance to learn from and get to know so many excellent professors within the Biology Department. It has also prepared me for a career in science that I truly look forward to."

Shayla Michel

MS - Biology

"As an MS student at UWL, I gained valuable teaching experience through my TA position, exposure to the larger scientific community at conferences and events, and lasting peer and mentor relationships. I have no doubt that my MS has prepared me for my next endeavor as a PhD student in environmental toxicology."

Emilie Clavette, '20

MS - Biology

"I started grad school at Duke but decided the program wasn't right for me. Coming back to UWL for my MS was one of the best choices I've made. The professors are supportive and kind, and they bolstered my confidence in my ability to succeed in the research field."

Annie Schauster, '20

MS - Biology

"My professors did an outstanding job at preparing me for the next step in my academic career. After graduating with my MS, I moved on to a PhD program where I am currently applying knowledge and skills I developed at UWL."

Alex Oines, '20

MS - Biology: Environmental Science

"Earning my MS at UWL helped me to grow more confident in my skills as a researcher, writer, and educator. The opportunity to work as a lab instructor helped me to realize how much I enjoy teaching, and I am currently instructing biology courses at another university."

Theresa Simpson, '19

MS - Biology: Environmental Science

"In earning my second MS, I was able to pursue my dream of studying wolf colonization and habitat analysis. A highlight for me was winning the 3-Minute Grad Project competition - competing improved my presentation skills by requiring me to think critically about the core of my work."