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Sierra Colavito  Profile of Sierra Colavito

Associate Professor
4031 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Genetics of Breast Cancer Stem-like Cells

Please contact me if you have interest in graduate studies in my laboratory.

Scott Cooper  Profile of Scott Cooper

3022 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Effects of hibernation on blood clotting in 13-lined ground squirrels.

Faye Ellis  Profile of Faye Ellis

Teaching Professor
343 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Jason Freund  Profile of Jason Freund

Assistant Teaching Professor
2036 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Stream Ecology, Fisheries Ecology, Trout Stream Habitat Management, Interactions of Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems

Anne Galbraith  Profile of Anne Galbraith

Associate Professor
3025 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Genetics, genetic disorders, genetics, molecular biology, genetics, baker's yeast, genetics, antimicrobials, genetics....

Kristin Greany  Profile of Kristin Greany

Associate Teaching Professor
0019 Health Science Center

Tisha King-Heiden  Profile of Tisha King-Heiden

3028 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Reproductive physiology, reproductive toxicology, and developmental toxicology.  In my lab, we strive to bridge the gap between ecotoxicology (fish) and human health. We use small fish models (typically zebrafish and fathead minnows) to study the effects of embryonic exposure to various  environmental contaminants of emerging concern on development, behavior,  metamorphosis, cardiovascular health, immune response and reproductive health.  

Students interested in doing Undergraduate Independent Research or earning a MS degree should email me, especially if you hold marginalized identities within the field of environmental science.

Barrett Klein  Profile of Barrett Klein

3021 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Animal behavior, entomology, social insect biology, sleep biology, scientific visualization, intersection of entomology and art, cultural entomology (how insects affect human culture)

Jennifer Klein  Profile of Jennifer Klein

3015 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

molecular biophysics, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, mathematical biology, molecular ecology


Lisa Kobs  Profile of Lisa Kobs

Associate Teaching Professor
0021 Health Science Center

Megan Litster  Profile of Megan Litster

Associate Professor
3009 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Biology Education

Sumei Liu  Profile of Sumei Liu

0040 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Gastrointestinal Physiology; Enteric Nervous System

Margaret Maher  Profile of Margaret Maher

0024 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Nutrition and Endocrinology

Markus Mika  Profile of Markus Mika

Assistant Professor
234 Cartwright Center

Specialty areas:

Breeding ecology, life history, phylogeography, and evolution in birds

Todd Osmundson  Profile of Todd Osmundson

3034 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Mycology (Fungal Biology), Biodiversity & conservation, Biogeography, Bioinformatics, DNA barcoding, Metagenomics, Molecular phylogenetics, Population genetics, Systematics. Please contact me if you have any interest in undergraduate or graduate (MS) research in these topics.

Elisabeth Paluch  Profile of Elisabeth Paluch

Laboratory Supervisor
343 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Plant Ecology and Mycology.

Anton Sanderfoot  Profile of Anton Sanderfoot

Associate Professor
4033 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Plant cell biology, protein secretion, genetic screens, molecular biology, microscopy

Please contact me if you have any interest in undergraduate or graduate (MS) research!

Also contact me with any questions about use of the Microscopes in the Howard Imaging Center on campus.

Gregory Sandland  Profile of Gregory Sandland

2032 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Host-parasite interactions, life-history evolution, disease ecology, invasive species dynamics, mathematical biology, toxicology

Adam Schneider  Profile of Adam Schneider

Assistant Professor
2029 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Parasitic plants
Native Plants of Wisconsin
Plant taxonomy and systematics
Natural history collections
Citizen science (e.g. iNaturalist)

David Schumann  Profile of David Schumann

Assistant Professor
2034 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Fisheries ecology and management, interactions among species, conservation biology, movement ecology. 

Contact me if you have any interest in undergraduate or graduate (MS) research in these fields!

Christine Schwartz  Profile of Christine Schwartz

Associate Professor
0023 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Neuroscience, Physiology, Hibernation biology

Bradley Seebach  Profile of Bradley Seebach

Associate Professor
0042 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Neurophysiology, Human Anatomy & Physiology; advising Biomedical Science Concentrators and Neuroscience students

Eric Strauss  Profile of Eric Strauss

2033 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Limnology, Stream and River Ecology, Water Quality

Meredith Thomsen  Profile of Meredith Thomsen

Dean Grad & Extended Learning
205C Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Academic leadership; graduate program support; credit and non-credit outreach program development. Primary contact for thesis/dissertation; graduate faculty status. 

Ross Vander Vorste  Profile of Ross Vander Vorste

Assistant Professor
3032 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

aquatic invertebrates, freshwater ecology, disturbance ecology, community ecology, conservation biology

Jaclyn Wisinski  Profile of Jaclyn Wisinski

Associate Professor
3031 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

Platelets prevent blood loss from the vasculature and changes in the abundance and/or function of platelet compromises their ability to execute that function. Too many (thrombocythemia) or too few (thrombocytopenia) circulating platelet increase risk of thrombosis and hemorrhage, respectively. The primary goal of my research is to understand what regulates platelet production by megakaryocytes.

Alder Yu  Profile of Alder Yu

Associate Professor
2028 Cowley Hall

Specialty areas:

I study circadian rhythms and the health effects of disrupting these daily rhythms, using fruit flies as a model system.  I am particularly interested in the effect of circadian rhythm disruption on metabolism and DNA damage repair.  I am currently accepting M.S. and undergraduate research students.