Microbiology (MS)

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University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

The Department of Microbiology at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse has been recognized by the University of Wisconsin System as a "Center of Excellence" for microbiology training. The Departments of Biology and Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse offer the Masters of Biology degree with a concentration in Clinical Microbiology. The clinical microbiology course work is offered through the Department of Microbiology and is taught primarily by University of Wisconsin - La Crosse faculty, with some guest lecturers from the clinical partners in the Clinical Microbiology Program. The clinical rotations are done at the sites of our clinical partners: 

Note that since the clinical sites charge UWL for training students, additional fees must be passed on to our master's students. For the three clinical rotations, these fees total $3922 (2015/16 academic year pricing). 


Gundersen Health Sytstem

Gundersen Healthcare is dedicated to patient care, medical education, and research. It is the Western Clinical Campus of the University of Wisconsin Medical School and has been named one of the nation's top 100 medical centers. During the Gundersen rotation, student work in:

  • Bacteriology (General and Anaerobic)
  • Immunology
  • Mycology
  • Parasitology
  • Virology
  • Chemistry/Hematology


Marshfield Clinic

Marshfield Clinic serves patients from central and northern Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan. Marshfield Laboratories, the largest reference laboratory in Wisconsin, has been recognized as one of the top ten "most computer-advanced labs in America". During the Marshfield Clinic and Laboratories rotation students will work in:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Molecular Epidemiology
  • Infection Control
  • Veterinary Diagnostics
  • Infectious Disease Rounds


Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH), housed on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is the public health laboratory for the State of Wisconsin. Students will work closely with State Department of Health personnel in the following areas:

  • Mycobacteriology
  • Foodborne and Waterborne Infections
  • Outbreak Investigation
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism