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Capstone Research Projects

The capstone project is a research experience that students begin in between their first and second year, and finish in their final semester of the program as a required part of obtaining a Specialist degree at UWL.

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 Student Capstone Research Projects - Current and Past Years (w/advisor)

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Emily Wagener and Dan Hyson - Collaborative and Proactive Solutions: Additional Impact of Practitioner Multicultural CompetencyBen Thom and Rob Dixon - Academic Socialization: Key Motivators for High School Parent EngagementBrianna Swarm and Rob Dixon - Trauma-Informed Practice: Exploring Teacher Attitudes to Promote Safe SchoolsKylie Rieder and Ruth Schumacher-Martinez - LGBTQIA+ Perspectives: Creating Affirming Schools for Sexual and Gender MinoritiesWylie Jackson and Joci Newton - Crisis Intervention: Do you follow your head or your heart?Katie Gilbert and Ruth Schumacher-Martinez - Building the Capacity to Delivering Culturally Responsive Mental Health PracticesSkyler Bohn and Joci Newton - Assessment of English Learners: Perceived CompetenceGenevieve Stout and Dan Hyson - Reimagining CICO: Using a Collaborative and Proactive Solutions ApproachBridget Schilling and Dan Hyson - Teacher Perceptions of the Roles and Functions of School PsychologistsAndrea Schwartz (Zalac) and Joci Newton - Finding Your Path: School Psychologists Self-Reports of Multicultural CompetenceAbby Fischbach and Rob Dixon - Teacher Burnout: Self-Efficacy of Behavior Management and School Psychologist SupportLena Bergo and Ruth Schumacher-Martinez - Loss and Healing: School Psychologists’ Self-efficacy in Supporting Grieving Students