The M.S. in Applied Statistics program includes a requirement of twelve credits of STAT 799: Master’s Thesis and all students will complete a thesis as part of their program of study. Before enrolling in STAT 799 for the first time, students will choose a major advisor. The major advisor must be a statistics faculty member in the M.S. Applied Statistics program.

During the first semester enrolled in STAT 799, each student will form a thesis committee in consultation with their major advisor. The thesis committee will be composed of 3-4 members, of which one member is the student’s major advisor. In addition to the major advisor, at least one more member of the thesis committee must be a faculty member in the UWL Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It is also strongly recommended that the committee contain one member from outside the UWL Department of Mathematics and Statistics. This could be a faculty member from another department at UWL or someone from outside the university.

Once the thesis committee has been formed in consultation with the major advisor, students will develop a thesis proposal. This proposal should include the goals, project plan, time schedule, resource requirements, and other details pertinent to the thesis research project. The thesis proposal should be completed and approved by the thesis committee within the first 7 weeks of the initial semester enrolled in STAT 799.

During a student’s final semester, the project will culminate in a written thesis report and an oral presentation. The thesis report must be provided to the thesis committee at least three weeks before the intended graduation date and at least one week before the oral presentation. The oral presentation should be attended by thesis committee and also open to a public audience. Approval of the final thesis by the thesis committee is required for graduation from the M.S. program.