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Applied Statistics

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The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers the Master's of Science in Applied Statistics degree beginning Fall 2018.

The objectives of the program are to prepare students for employment as an applied statistician in government, industrial, commercial or private sectors, or entrance into a doctoral program in statistics, biostatistics, environmental statistics, or other programs that make extensive use of statistics.

The program requires 24 credits of course work and 6 credits of project/thesis.

To inquire about the program, please contact the program director.

Here is a small sample of jobs performed by statisticians:

NASA biostatisticians help protect astronauts in space by analyzing the impact of space on the physical condition of humans and sustainability of life on other planets.

Use data to provide personalized experiences through content and relationship algorithms so users see what’s most relevant to their interests.

Teach courses to undergrad and graduate students on topics like probability, inference, and multivariate analysis. Conduct research in a variety of disciplines.