Student Affairs Administration and Leadership (Ed.D.)

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A unique feature of this program is that students will take two shared courses - and have the option to take an elective - with students from three other University of Wisconsin (UW) System institutions who are also launching Ed.D. programs. As part of an innovative cooperative agreement, we are pleased to be working with UW-Green Bay (Ed.D. in First Nations), UW-Oshkosh (Ed.D. in Educational Leadership), and UW-Stevens Point (Ed.D. in Sustainability Education).  We are all very excited to offer this one-of-a-kind Ed.D. experience in the country!

Each Ed.D. course is three credits unless otherwise indicated.  Course descriptions are available in the UWL Graduate Catalog

Summer I 
   SAA 800: 21st Century Learners (May 21 - August 10, 2018)
   SAA 805: Organization and Governance (May 21 - August 10, 2018)
Fall I
   SAA 808: Enrollment Management
   SAA 810: Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Leadership (shared course)
Spring I
   SAA 820: Critical Analysis of Systemic Inequities: Challenges of Social Justice (shared course)
   SAA 830: Qualitative Research Methods
Summer II
   SAA 845: Quantitative Research Methods
   SAA 930: Dissertation Planning Workshop (2-3 Credits)
Fall II
   SAA 840: Supervision and Human Resource Management
   SAA 950: Dissertation Seminar 
Spring II
   SAA 825: Finance and Budgeting
   SAA 835: Assessment and Program Evaluation
Summer III
   SAA 875: Organizational Communication
   SAA 855: Special Topics (partner elective)
   SAA 898: Special Elective
Fall III
   SAA 865: Strategic Planning and Managing Change
   SAA 898: Special Elective (if needed) (1-3 Credits)
   SAA 990: Dissertation I
Spring III
   SAA 870: Policy and Regulatory Compliance
   SAA 995: Dissertation II