A unique feature of this programs is its simultaneous focus on theory-to-practice coursework and dissertation planning and development. In the beginning of their second year, students take a dissertation planning course followed by a dissertation seminar course. Students also have the option to take 1-2 online electives with doctoral students from three other University of Wisconsin (UW) System institutions. As part of an innovative cooperative agreement, we are pleased to be working with UW-Green Bay (Ed.D. in First Nations), UW-Oshkosh (Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, and UW-Stevens Point (Ed.D. in Sustainability Education). We are very excited to offer this one-of-a-kind educational experience in Student Affairs Administration and Leadership!

Each Ed.D. course is three credits unless otherwise indicated.  Course descriptions are available in the UWL Graduate Catalog

Summer I 
   SAA 800: 21st Century Learners (May 20 - August 9, 2019)
   SAA 805: Organization and Governance (May 20 - August 9, 2019)
Fall I
   SAA 808: Enrollment Management
   SAA 810: Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Leadership
Spring I
   SAA 820: Critical Analysis of Systemic Inequities: Challenges of Social Justice
   SAA 830: Qualitative Research Methods
Summer II
   SAA 845: Quantitative Research Methods
   SAA 930: Dissertation Planning Workshop (2 Credits)
   SAA 931: Writers' Retreat (1 Credit - Optional)
Fall II
   SAA 840: Supervision and Human Resource Management
   SAA 950: Dissertation Seminar 
Spring II
   SAA 825: Finance and Budgeting
   SAA 835: Assessment and Program Evaluation
Summer III
   SAA 875: Organizational Communication
   SAA 855: Special Topics (partner elective)
   SAA 898: Special Elective
Fall III
   SAA 865: Strategic Planning and Managing Change
   SAA 898: Special Elective (if needed) (1-3 Credits)
   SAA 990: Dissertation I
Spring III
   SAA 870: Policy and Regulatory Compliance
   SAA 995: Dissertation II