Student Affairs Administration and Leadership (Ed.D.)

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In keeping with the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate, the SAA dissertation will address a complex issue from the student's professional practice.

Preparation will include:

  1. First year courses that will set the stage for topic ideas.
  2. Regular meetings with your advisor.
  3. An invitation to participate in a "Dissertation Boot Camp."
  4. Specific courses
    1. SAA 830 Qualitative Research Methods
    2. SAA 835 Assessment & Program Evaluation
    3. SAA 845 Quantitative Research Methods
    4. SAA 950 Dissertation Seminar

Dissertation Committee Make-up:

  1. The chair will be an SAA ranked faculty member.
  2. Will consist of 3-5 members.
  3. Other than the chair, the Committee members may be external to UWL and include staff from other institutions including your home institution (they must have a terminal degree). All Committee members must be approved by the SAA Department.

Dissertation time frame:

The process formally starts during the 2nd year and students are expected to defend and submit their dissertation per the UWL deadline to graduate at the end of their 3rd year.

Note:  The information above is subject to change pending SAA Department approval.