M.S.Ed. and Ed.D. students in the SAA department have the option to participate in an international study tour, held every other year.  Tours range in cost from $1300-2500, not including airfare.

The purpose of the tours is to study higher education in an international context, in particular to learn how student services and student affairs are differently provided by governments and student unions, often more than by institutions of higher education.  

Past tours have included:

  • 2019 - United Kingdom (England and Scotland) over spring break
  • 2017 - United Kingdom (England and Scotland) in early January-term
  • 2015 - Germany in mid-April
  • 2013 - Germany
What are the dates of the study tour? expanding section

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty regarding when it will be safe to engage in international travel, the SAA Department will not be offering the SAA Study Tour in 2021. Due to additional challenges related to staffing, we cannot offer a spring break study tour in 2022.  We are hoping to develop summer or J-term options with campus partners, and will provide updates as they are available. 

How much will the tour cost? expanding section

The information below is from the 2019 Spring Break tour.  Most prior tours run about $2500 in program fees, excluding airfare and most meals.  This section will be updated when we have more information about future tours.

The program fee of $1300 included tuition, housing, in-country transportation, some excursions, some meals. Airfare will be an additional $900, approximately, and $300 is also estimated for meals and outside of those provided. TOTAL expenses in 2019 were roughly $2500. (Prior tours, when including airfare and out of pocket meals, typically were $3000-4500; the 2019 tour was more affordable thanks to generous departmental support).

Does financial aid cover the costs? expanding section

After November 1, the Financial Aid Office receives a list of students approved for the tour.  They increase the cost of attendance for students for the Spring term, which for most people, will result in an increase in the loans available.

Students enrolled in the on-campus master's program, who pay segregated fees, can also apply for the I-Engage scholarship, deadline of December 1. 

Are students required to fly as part of the group block out of Minneapolis? expanding section

For the 2019 Study Tour, students were required to use Fox World Travel for bookings. Future tours will be subject to whatever travel policies are in place at that time.

Are alumni or student family members able to join students on the tour? expanding section

The tour has only been available to currently enrolled students. Because we had to postpone the 2021 Spring Break tour, we may explore offering future tours to alumni, as well.