Student Affairs Administration (M.S.Ed.)

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To be considered for admission to and enrollment in SAA, prospective students for the M.S.Ed. degree must obtain a position in higher education or student affairs. For applicants who are not already working in higher education or student affairs as a bachelor-level professional, this position typically comes in the form of a 20-hr/week paid Graduate Assistantship (GA) at UW-La Crosse or Western Technical College (on-campus option) or a 20-hr/week paid Graduate Student Internship (GSI) at one of our four partner institutions (online option). 

Note: The GA/GSI process has concluded for the Fall of 2018. SAA will accept application for admission to the 2019 UWL, UWRF, and online cohorts on November 15, 2018. 

Important Information:

  • GAs at UWL and Western Technical College are available to students in the On-Campus option.  GSIs at partner institutions are available to students in the Online option. During the recruitment process, students should be open to applying to both the online and on-campus options. 
  • The total number of positions varies year by year depending on funding.
  • A GA/GSI typically consists of 20 hours worked per week with a 9- or 10-month salary ranging from $11,075 (starting fiscal year 2019) to about $14,000. For specific salaries and benefits, please check the individual position descriptions or with the listed contact. 
  • The SAA Department cannot waive in-state tuition for students who have a GA/GSI (i.e, we are unable to offer tuition remission).  A portion of the out-of-state tuition cost may be waived for on-campus option students who are residents of states other than Minnesota and Wisconsin. Please check the financial information page for more information.
  • Per UWL Graduate Studies policy, incoming students must have a minimum 2.85 GPA to be eligible for a GA position at UWL or Western Technical College. Students must be enrolled at UWL for credit or GRC 799 to remain eligible for a GA position and maintain a 3.0 GPA in the program. Students may be awarded a graduate assistantship for no more than four semesters and two summers.
  • On-campus option students with a GA are eligible for health insurance benefits.  For more info about health insurance costs and benefits, view the benefits at a glance and contact UWL Human Resources with questions.
  • Online option students with a GSI at a partner institution should check with the position contact to see whether health insurance benefits are available.