Student Affairs Administration (M.S.Ed.)

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The SAA internship is a supervised professional practice experience that provides students with an opportunity to develop first-hand knowledge of student affairs professional roles and responsibilities, gain significant hands-on experience in program development and/or student affairs administration, and receive valuable feedback on the development and demonstration of essential professional skills. Experienced student affairs administrators serve as internship supervisors and collaborate with the intern on the development and assessment of internship goals.

The internship is a total of 210 hours – 70 hours of a 1 credit online class (approximately 5 hours per week); and 140 hours at your internship site (approximately 10 hours per week).To meet SAA and UWL requirements, the internship must:

  •  Take place within a semester time period (approximately 15 weeks).
  •  Be completed during the summer or fall semester of the second year.
  •  Consist of a minimum of 140 hours for an average of 10 hours per week.
  •  Occur at a student affairs-related site in a higher education setting.
  •  Include an assessment process as described by the supervisor at the start of the experience.
  •  Include a 360 Eval meeting that involves the student, supervisor, and faculty advisor.

Note #1: to broaden your experience and to be more marketable, we recommend that the internship be at a different office than your GA/GSI. To get the maximum benefit, you might consider setting your internship up at a different institution and/or in a different functional area.

Note #2: The difference between SAA 781 (Internship) and SAA 775 (Practicum) is as follows:

  • SAA 781 is required, SAA 775 is optional and can be substituted for one SAA 720.
  • SAA 781 is three credits, SAA 775 is one or two credits (70hr/credit).
  • SAA 781 is an online course that may involve assignments and discussions, SAA 775 does not.
  • SAA 781 may involve several responsibilities in a student affairs office or unit, SAA 775 usually involves a project in an office or unit.

The internship supervisor must hold a minimum of a master's degree, preferably in an area of student affairs. The internship should take place within one setting to enhance the student's experience of being part of the professional staff. Typically, the process of securing an internship site occurs the semester before the internship is set to begin.  Students cannot receive credit for an internship that was previously completed. University policy dictates that students must be at their internship site during the term for which they are registered for academic credit.

Internship waivers

SAA students with student affairs-related work experience in a higher education setting may qualify for a waiver.  The work experience must be post-bachelors and be a minimum of 75% for one year within the last 7 years. Students who qualify for a waiver will need to fill out the Internship Waiver Form and return to the SAA Department.

Internship Process

Students should set up an internship by approaching an office at a higher education institution of choice. For a fall internship, you may start making arrangements on March 1st and have until August 15th to finalize the internship. For a summer internship, you may begin looking at any time and the internship must be finalized by May 1st. To make the internship official, fill out and submit the SAA 781 Internship Agreement Form to the SAA Department ( We will contact you with questions; but if you do not hear from us within a week of sending the form, you can assume that your internship experience has been approved.  The SAA 781 Internship Assessment Form will be submitted to the instructor as part of the internship course.


Frankfurt University Internship Abroad 

Do you speak fluent German and are interested in completing an internship in Germany?
We will be offering an international internship at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in the summer through fall semesters beginning in 2016.   The internship is in their International Education office and offers a great student services and cultural experience.  You must apply to be a student in the SAA on-campus program and complete your first year at UWL before you complete the internship in Germany during your second year in the program.  While there, you would be enrolled in SAA online courses and then return to UWL for your final spring semester in the program. For more information, please email the SAA Department, at