Students in the M.S.Ed. program gain experience in higher education and student affairs through graduate assistantship or internship positions, full-time positions, and practicum placements. Without this essential practical experience, students would miss out on the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom. 

Applicants who are not already working in higher education or student affairs as a bachelor-level professional must be hired into a 20-hr/week assistantship or internship at UW La Crosse, one of our partner institutions, or another institution of higher education. Per UWL Graduate Studies policy, incoming students must have a minimum 2.85 GPA to be eligible to apply for a GA position at UWL. And international student visa restrictions limit them to 20 hour/week positions at UWL; positions at other campuses are not an option.

The admissions process includes interviews for both the academic program and graduate student internship/assistantship roles, and students will be asked to identify the offices with which they would like to interview. We encourage students to review the job descriptions below very carefully, as compensation, benefits, dates, and duties vary widely.

2022-2023 Positions

Remaining openings (as of 4/15/22):

We will continue to accept applications until all spots are filled.

Closed positions:

Positions are filled or have been offered. We continue to list them here to provide future students with information about the types of positions open.