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Assessment of student learning is taking place at multiple levels in the university.  The summaries of current or planned projects are presented on this page organized by college, school, or unit.    

College of the Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities expanding section

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities (CASSH)

  • Archaeology (UG) & Anthropology (UG)
  • Art (UG)
  • Communication Studies (UG)
  • Cybersecurity (Graduate)
  • English (UG)
  • Ethnic & Racial Studies (UG Minor)
  • Environmental Studies (UG Minor)
  • Global Cultures & Languages (UG)
  • History (UG)
  • International Studies (UG Minor)
  • Military Science (UG Minor)
  • Music (UG)
  • Philosophy (UG)
  • Political Science/Public Administration (UG)
  • Psychology (UG)
  • School Psychology (Graduate-MS/EdS)
  • Sociology (UG)
    • Criminal Justice (UG Minor)
  • Student Affairs Administration (Graduate-MS)
  • Student Affairs Administration & Leadership (Graduate-EdD)
  • Theatre Arts (UG)
  • Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (UG)


College of Science & Health expanding section

College of Science & Health (CSAH)

  • Biology (UG)
    • Nutrition (UG Minor)
    • Biology (Graduate-MS)
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry (UG)
  • Computer Science (UG)
    • Software Engineering (Graduate-MSE)
    • Computer Engineering (UG)
  • Geography & Earth Science (UG)
  • Healthcare Administration (Graduate)
  • Information Technology Management (Graduate)
  • Physics (UG)

Exercise & Sports Science

  • Athletic Training (Graduate)+
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology (Graduate-MS)
  • Exercise Science (UG)
  • Human Performance (Graduate-MS)
  • Physical Education Teacher Education (Graduate-MS)***
  • Physical  Education Teacher Education (UG)***
  • Sports Management (UG)

Health Ed and Health Promotion

  • Public Health & Community Health Education (UG)
  • School Health Education (UG)
  • Health Wellness Management (UG)
  • Community Health Education (Graduate-MPH)
  • Community Health Education (Graduate-MS)
  • School Health Education (Graduate-MS)

Mathematics & Statistics

  • Mathematics (UG)
    • Applied Mathematics Emphasis
    • Mathematics Education
  • Applied Statistics (Graduate)+
  • Statistics (UG)
  • Data Science (Graduate-MS)


  • Microbiology (UG)
  • Clinical Lab Science (UG)

Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation

  • Recreation Management (Graduate)
  • Recreation Management (UG)
  • Therapeutic Recreation (Graduate-MS)
  • Therapeutic Recreation (UG)

Health Professions

  • Medical Dosimetry (Graduate-MS)
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology (UG)
  • Occupational Therapy (Graduate-MS)
  • Physical Therapy (Graduate-DPT)
  • Physician Assistant (Graduate-MS)
  • Radiologic Science
    • Radiation Therapy (UG)

***Program is housed in a separate college but is affiliated with School of Education, Professional, & Continuing Education for DPI certification

College of Business Administration expanding section

College of Business Administration (CBA)

  • Accountancy (UG)
  • Business Core Curriculum (UG)
  • Economics (UG)
  • Finance (UG)
  • Health Information Systems Management
  • Information Systems (UG)
  • International Business (UG)
  • Management (UG)
  • Marketing (UG)
School of Education, Professional & Continuing Education expanding section

School of Education, Professional, & Continuing Education

Educational Studies

  • Early Childhood- Middle Childhood (UG)
  • Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence (UG)
  • Early Childhood-Adolescence (UG)
  • Special Education (UG, Minor)
  • Reading (Graduate-MSED)

Institute for Professional Studies in Education

  • Professional Development (Graduate-MEPD)
  • Educational Leadership Certificate
  • English Language Arts Elementary Certificate
  • Professional Learning Community Certificate

 Additional Programs

  • Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP, UG)
  • Physical Education Teacher Education (UG)***
  • School Health Education (UG)***

***Program is housed in a separate college but is affiliated with School of Education, Professional, & Continuing Education for DPI certification

Murphy Library expanding section

Murphy Library

  • Murphy Library