West Campus Chiller

This project will construct a west campus chilled water plant to augment the capacity of the existing campus chilled water system.  The plant will be located on university property between the Health Sciences Center and Angell Hall. The project will install two 1,200 ton electrically powered centrifugal chillers and ancillary equipment in a new approximate 7,061 GSF building. The building and infrastructure has been sized to accommodate a third 1,200 ton chiller or a thermal storage system to satisfy potential future loads.
At a glance...

Project Budget
The project budget is $8.4 million.

Project Number
The DFD Project Number is 13B3K. 

Current Status
The project is currently in construction.

Building Size
The building is approximately 7,061 GSF.

The location of the building is in the R-1 Parking Lot.

The project is scheduled to begin construction in Spring 2015 and completed in Fall 2016.