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Specialty area(s)

Genetics, genetic disorders, genetics, molecular biology, genetics, baker's yeast, genetics

Brief biography

I had one daughter (my first F1) when I was 19 (oops!) and the second F1 (also a daughter) two weeks before my interview for this job at UWL. My oldest F1 is married and has produced three adorable F2s. My youngest graduated from UWL in Spring 2020 with an Environmental Chemistry major and a minor in Mathematics. Both F1s currently live in the Minneapolis area. 

I love my job, especially the teaching, research, and interactions with my awesome colleagues. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, hiking, gardening, camping in primitive areas (i.e., not campgrounds), snowshoeing, and traveling to see new cool things.

Not having enough hours in a day has been a problem of mine for many years now.   :)

Current courses at UWL

Genetics, Human Molecular Genetics and lab, Advanced Genetics, First Year Seminar, developing a Nutrition/Genomics course with Dr. Maher

Professional history

B.S Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, IA
PhD University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Post-doctoral research University of Colorado Health Science Center, Denver, CO

Research and publishing

Effects of antimicrobials on yeast
Our lab is collaborating with several other labs at UWL and at other institutions to determine the mechanism of action of a suite of antimicrobials that were derived from a naturally occurring compound from a plant. We use genetics, molecular biology, microscopy, and other techniques as we try to figure out how this compound kills cells.