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Brian Kumm-Schaley

Specialty area(s)

*     Leisure and personal experience

*     Affect and impersonal experience

*     Leisure and culture

*     Qualitative and postqualitative inquiry

*     Politics of leisure

*     Deleuze & Deleuzian approaches to leisure

Brief biography

Dr. Brian E Kumm-Schaley is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.  His scholarship concerns the affective and emotive dimensions of leisure in the contexts of popular culture and media, specifically in relation to music, television/film, and other creative, expressive arts.  The impetus of his scholarship is to generate critical yet affirmative interrogations of contemporary social conditions, or ways of living, that give rise to common leisure behaviors and practices. Ultimately, his scholarship attempts to emphasize potentials for thinking, feeling, and living differently in relation to these social conditions to engender more hopeful, humane, and joyful futures.

Current courses at UWL

REC 306:  Environmental Ethics, Outdoor Recreation, & Natural Resources (fall semester)      

REC 711:  Management in Leisure Services (spring semester)                                                  

REC 215:  Introduction to Community Recreation (spring semester)                                 

REC 301:  Leadership & Programming in Recreation                               

REC 402/502:  Risk Management in Leisure Services                                         

REC 404/504:  Budgeting in the Recreation Enterprise (fall semester)                          


Ph.D. The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, May 2015

Recreation and Leisure Studies | Department of Counseling and Human Development Services

Dissertation: Modest Experiments in Living: Intensities of Life

*Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Methodologies


M.A. The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, December 2011                                                       

Recreation and Leisure Studies | Department of Counseling and Human Development Services

Thesis: A Shaman, A Sherpa, and A Healer: A Post-Intentional Phenomenology of Songwriting


 B.S. The University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA, May 1999                                                                                                     

Recreation and Park Management

Research and publishing

Kumm, B. E., Johnson, C. W. (in press, sp. 2018). In the garden of domestic dystopia: Racial delirium and playful interference. Leisure Studies.

Kumm, B. E., & Pate, J. A. (in press, Sp. 2018). Joyful Digressions: Going Gonzo. Qualitative Inquiry.

Kumm, B. E., & Berbary, L. A. (2018).  Questions for Post-Qualitative Inquiry: Conversations-to-Come.  Leisure Sciences, 40(1/2), 71-84.

Kumm, B., E., & Johnson, C. W. (2017). Subversive imagination: Smoothing space for leisure, identity, and politics. In, K. Spracklen, B. Lashua, E. Sharpe, & M. B. Swain (Eds.), Palgrave Handbook of Leisure Theory (pp. 891-910). London, UK: Palgrave.