Gargi Chaudhuri

Assistant Professor
Geography And Earth Science
Office hours
2022 Cowley Hall

Specialty area(s)

Geographic Information System and Science, Spatial Simulation Modeling, Land use and land cover change, Network Analysis, and Cartography.

Brief biography

Detailed CV

Teaching history

University of Wisconsin La Crosse
~ Geo/ Esc 102: Maps and Society
~ Geo/ Esc 250: Maps and GIS
~ Geo 200: Conservation of Environment
~ Geo 309: Urban Geography
~ Geo 310: Transportation Geography
~ Geo/ Esc 385: Introduction to GIS
~ Geo 485: Advanced GIS

University of California Santa Barbara: Instructor, Department of Geography
~ Geog 12: Maps and Spatial Reasoning

University of California Santa Barbara: Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography
~ Geog 12: Maps and Spatial Reasoning
~ Geog 126: Maps in Science and Society
~ Geog 128: Analytical and Computer Cartography
~ Geog 184: Cartographic Design and Geographic Visualization
~ Geog 210C: Statistical Methods in Geography
~ Geog 288KC/195KC: GIS Research

Professional history

Aug 2012 – Present: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography and Earth Science, University of Wisconsin La Crosse; Affiliated Faculty, Center of South Asia, University of Wisconsin

Nov 2011 – Jul 2012: Postdoctoral Fellow, Resilience and Adaptive Management Group, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Alaska Anchorage

June – Aug 2011: Instructor, Department of Geography, University of California Santa Barbara

June – Sept 2010: Graduate Student Intern, Summer Intern, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Geographic Information Science and Technology Group, Computational Sciences and Engineering Division

Jun 2009 – Nov 2011: Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Geography, University of California Santa Barbara

Sept. 2007 – Jun 2009: Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Geography, University of California Santa Barbara

Research and publishing

Chaudhuri, G., Mishra, N. B. (in press), Relationship between changes in land cover and land surface temperature: A study of South Bengal, India. In L. N. Satpati (Ed.), Climate, Society and Sustainability, Publisher: XXXXXX

Mishra, N. B., Chaudhuri, G. (in press). In Singh, R. B. (Ed.), Spatially Variable Vegetation Greenness Trends in Uttarakhand Himalayas in Response to Environmental Drivers. Berlin: Springer.

Chaudhuri, G., Mishra, N. B. (2016), Spatio-temporal dynamics of land cover and land surface temperature in Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta: A comparative analysis between India and Bangladesh. Applied Geography, 68, 68-83

Dutta, S., and Chaudhuri, G. (2015), Mapping Environmentally Sensitive Areas of Rajasthan in Western India, Geographical Review, Vol. 105 (4): 441-461

Mishra, N. B., and Chaudhuri, G. (2015), Spatio-temporal Analysis of Trends in Seasonal Vegetation Productivity across Uttarakhand, Indian Himalayas, 2000-2014, Applied Geography, Vol. 56, pp. 29-41

Chaudhuri, G., and Clarke, K. C. (2015), On the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Coupling between Land Use and Road Networks: Does Political History Matter?, Environment and Planning B, Vol. 42, pp: 133-156

Chaudhuri, G., Land Change and Water Resource Vulnerability (2014). In Wang, Y. Q. (Ed), Encyclopedia of Natural Resources: Land, Taylor & Francis: New York, Published online: 21 Oct 2014; 302-307

Chaudhuri, G., Oxley, S. and Wenzlaff, S. (2014), Mapping spatio-temporal patterns of liquor law violation citations in college town of La Crosse, Wisconsin. In Elmes, G., Roedl, G. and Conley, J. (Eds.) ‘Forensic GIS: The Role of Geospatial Technologies for Investigating Crime and Providing Evidence’, Geotechnologies and the Environment, Vol. 11, pp. 201-220, Springer, ISBN 978-94-017-8756-7.

Chaudhuri, G., and Clarke, K. C., (2014), Temporal sensitivity in urban growth modeling: A case study using SLEUTH, Transactions in GIS, Vol. 18(2): 302–320

Chaudhuri, G. (2013), Characterizing patterns of urban growth in southern part of the Ganges delta region in India, Proceedings of 26th International Cartographic Conference, August 25 – 30, Dresden, Germany.

Chaudhuri, G., and Clarke, K. C. (2013), The SLEUTH Land Use Change Model: A Review, International Journal of Environmental Resources Research, Vol. 1(1): 88 – 104.

Chaudhuri, G., and Clarke, K. C. (2013), How does land use policy affect urban growth? A case study on the Italo-Slovenian border, Journal of Land Use Science, Vol. 8(4): 443-465

Chaudhuri, G., and Clarke, K. C. (2011), Temporal limitations of urban growth modelling, Proceedings of Geocomputation 2011, July 20 – 22, University College London, UK.

Chaudhuri, G. (2007), Sustainable Tourism in Mountains, The Observer, Student Geographical Association, University of Calcutta, Vol. 45: 42 – 44


2007 - 2011: Ph.D in Geography, University of California Santa Barbara
2005 - 2007: M.Sc in Geography (Speciality: Cartography), University of Calcutta
2002 - 2005: B.Sc in Geography (Honors, Speciality: Cartography), University of Calcutta. Minor in Political Science and Economics