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Joshua Hertel

Specialty area(s)

Teaching mathematics with technology, mathematics education history, teaching and learning of trigonometry, and the development of probabilistic reasoning.

Brief biography

I am originally from North Eastern Wisconsin. I attended the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire for my undergraduate work (Music/Mathematics) and then taught mathematics in Neenah, Wisconsin. I had a wonderful experience teaching high school mathematics and decided to pursue graduate work. In 2010, I completed a master's in mathematics at Illinois State University. I then went on to finish a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education in 2013. My dissertation research concerned the teaching and learning of trigonometry in the modern sciences.

Current courses at UWL


B.M.E – University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire (2005)
M.S. – Illinois State University (2010)
Ph.D. – Illinois State University (2013)

Teaching history

MTH 136 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MTH 150 - College Algebra
MTH 151 - Precalculus
MTH 321 - Teaching Mathematics With Technology
MTH 395 - Independent Study in Computer Science Education
MTH 421 - Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Computer Science in the Secondary School
EDS 494 - Student Teaching (Supervision)