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Pronouns: He/Him/His
Mathematics & Statistics
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Teaching mathematics with technology, alternative forms of assessment in mathematics, mathematics education history, teaching and learning of trigonometry, and the development of probabilistic reasoning.

Brief biography

I am originally from North Eastern Wisconsin. I attended the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire for my undergraduate work (Music/Mathematics) and then taught mathematics in Neenah, Wisconsin. I had a wonderful experience teaching high school mathematics and decided to pursue graduate work. In 2010, I completed a master's in mathematics at Illinois State University. I then went on to finish a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education in 2013. My dissertation research concerned the teaching and learning of trigonometry in the modern sciences.

Current courses at UWL

MTH 150 - College Algebra
MTH 321 - Teaching Mathematics With Technology
MTH 451 - Curriculum and Content in Mathematics and Science


B.M.E – University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire (2005)
M.S. – Illinois State University (2010)
Ph.D. – Illinois State University (2013)


Teaching history

MTH 136 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MTH 150 - College Algebra
MTH 151 - Precalculus
MTH 280 - Algebraic Reasoning and Problem Solving
MTH 315 - Algebra for Teachers
MTH 321 - Teaching Mathematics With Technology
MTH 395 - Independent Study in Computer Science Education
MTH 421 - Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Computer Science in the Secondary School
MTH 451 - Curriculum and Content in Mathematics and Science
MTH 460 - Capstone on Teaching and Learning Mathematics for Secondary Teachers
EDS 494 - Student Teaching (Supervision)

Research and publishing

Curriculum Vitae 



Joshua Hertel, Mathematics & Statistics, presented "Examining Our Use of Technology in Teaching Mathematics" at Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Conference on Thursday, May 4 in Green Lake, WI.

Submitted on: May 4



Joshua Hertel, Mathematics & Statistics, co-authored the article "Improving Our Criticism of Technology in Mathematics Education" in Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12 published on May 1 by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Submitted on: May 4



Joshua Hertel, Mathematics & Statistics, was interviewed by hosts Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman and Phil Ostrander of the Beyond Artless podcast on April 1. Their conversation focused on the question, "What does the intersection of mathematics and music education look like?"

Submitted on: April 16



Joshua Hertel, Mathematics & Statistics, presented "A Framework for Valuing Thinking about .999…=1" at Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators on Feb. 2 in New Orleans, LA...

Submitted on: Mar. 3



Joshua Hertel, Mathematics & Statistics, authored the article "Algorithms and Mathematics Education A Response and Review of Hannah Fry's Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms" in The Mathematics Enthusiast published on Nov. 4 by University of Montana, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library.

Submitted on: Dec. 8, 2022


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