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Nishele Lenards

Specialty area(s)

Medical Dosimetry, Radiation Oncology, Distance Learning, Educational Technology

Brief biography

Most of my professional career has been in the field of Radiation Oncology. My teaching experience has been working with adult learners in didactic and clinical environments as well as in the face-to-face and online learning environments.

Currently, I am the Director of the Online Medical Dosimetry Program at UW-La Crosse in the College of Science and Health – Health Professions Department. I developed the program at UW-L in 2003-04. I am responsible for the administrative aspect of the program as well as teaching part of the online program curriculum.

I have been an online learner since the mid-90’s and an online instructor since 2003, so I have a special interest in distance learning and educational technology.

Current courses at UWL

Fall Semester
DOS 513 Cross-sectional Anatomy
DOS 515 Computers & Networking
DOS 750 Professional e-porfolio
DOS 751 Research Methods in Medical Dosimetry III
DOS 783 CMD Seminar III

Spring Semester
DOS 711 Research Methods in Medical Dosimetry I
DOS 750 Professional e-portfolio
DOS 781 CMD Seminar I

Summer Semester
DOS 751 Research Methods in Medical Dosimetry II
DOS 518 Professional Issues in Medical Dosimetry
DOS 741 Protocols & Studies in Radiation Oncology
DOS 782 CMD Seminar II


Northcentral University, Prescott Valley AZ
Doctorate of Philosophy in Education; Specialization: Educational Technology & E-Learning (2017)
Dissertation: Student Perceptions of Asynchronous Multimodal Instructor Feedback: A Multiple Case Study

University of Wisconsin - Stout, Menomonie WI
Master of Science Degree in Education (2007)
Certificate: E-Learning & Online Teaching (2008)

University of St. Francis, Joliet IL
Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Arts (1999)

Aultman Hospital School of Radiation Therapy, Canton OH
Diploma/Registered Radiation Therapist (1991)

University of Akron/Akron City Hospital School of Radiologic Technology, Akron OH
Diploma/Registered Radiologic Technologist (1990)

E-learning & Online Teaching, 2008
Certified Medical Dosimetrist, 1995 (#1475246)
Registered Radiation Therapist, 1991 (#239154)
Registered Radiographer, 1990 (#239154)

Research and publishing

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Olson, A, Phillips, K, Eng, T, Lenards, N, Hunzeker, A, Lewis, D, Baumann, D. Assessing dose variance from immobilization devices in VMAT head and neck treatment planning: A retrospective case study analysis. Med Dosim. In Press.

Coffey, A, Renucci, L, Hunzeker, A, Lenards, N. Whole breast nodal irradiation using supine VMAT and prone 3D planning: A case study. Med Dosim. 42(3): 185-189.

McCall R, MacLennan G, Taylor M, Lenards N, Nelms B E, Koshy M, Lemons J, Hunzeker A.  Anatomical contouring variability in thoracic organs at risk. Med Dosim. 41(4): 242-247.  

Apinorasethkul O, Lenards N, & Hunzeker, A.  Urethral dose sparing in squamous cell carcinoma of anal canal using proton therapy matching electrons with prior brachytherapy for prostate cancer: A case study. Med Dosim. 2016; 41(3):242-247.

Lee K., Lenards N., & Holson J.  Whole brain hippocampal sparing radiation therapy: VMAT vs IMRT case study. Med Dosim. 2016;41(1): 15-21.

Sponseller, P; Lenards, N; Kusano, A; Patel, P.  Radiation treatment for newly diagnosed esophageal cancer with prior radiation to the thoracic cavity. Med Dosim. 2014;39(3):251-255.

Culp L., Kressin A., & Lenards N.  Challenges of Diagnosing and Treating Male Breast Cancer: radiation Oncology Cast Studies.

Lenards, N.  Student Perceptions of an Online Medical Dosimetry Program. Med Dosim. 2011;36(2): 178-187. https://doi: 10.1016/j.meddos.2010.03.001

Lenards, N. (2009).  The Role of Image Fusion in Medical Dosimetry. eRADIMAGING Journal.

Professional Publications
Lenards, N (2006) So You Want to Become a Medical Dosimetrist… RT Image

Lenards, N (2005) Distance Lends Enlightenment: Medical Dosimetrists in Training are Benefiting from a New Distance Learning Program. Advance for Imaging and Oncology Administrators