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Profile for Omar Granados

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Omar Granados

Associate Professor
Global Cultures & Languages
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Omar Granados

Associate Professor

Global Cultures & Languages

Specialty area(s)

Contemporary Latin American and Latino literature and cultural studies, Caribbean studies, film studies, migration studies and literary translation.

Brief biography

Dr. Granados grew up in Havana, Cuba and received his PhD in Latin American Cultural Studies from Emory University, in Atlanta. He is interested in cultural approaches on migration, collective memory and the role of public scholarship in our communities. He has authored numerous academic articles and chapters in edited collections and is currently working on a public history project researching the 1980 Mariel Exodus Refugee Camp Program in several U.S military bases. At UWL, Dr. Granados teaches courses on Latin American literature, history and cultural studies, contemporary film, Latino studies, and Spanish language. Dr. Granados also serves in the role of Director of the UWL Institute for Latin American and Latino Studies.  

Current courses at UWL

SPA 403 Macho: Fictions of Masculinity in Latin America and Latino U.S Culture

SPA 403 Remapping the Hispanic Caribbean

SPA 390 Migrations: A Writing Experience

SPA 355 Latinos in the United States: Culture and Society

SPA 351 Children and Adolescents in Hispanic and Latino Cinema

SPA 326 Unveiling Cuba (Study Abroad in Havana)






PhD. Latin American Literatures and Cultures, Emory University, 2012
M.A. Latin American Literatures and Cultures, Emory University, 2010
B.A Area and International Studies/ English, Universidad de la Habana - University of Vermont (2005)


Teaching history

Emory University
University of Havana, Cuba

Research and publishing

Recent Selected Publications:

-“Voces Cubanas: Cyberactivism, Civic Engagement and the making of Cubanía in Contemporary Cuba” Online Activism in Latin America. Ed. Hilda Chacon. New York: Routledge, 2018.

-“¿Ha surgido la literatura postdictatorial en Cuba?” Revista Letral: Estudios trasatlánticos de literatura. No 18. 2017. 

-“Cuban in the Tundra: The 1980 Cuban Refugee Program of Fort McCoy.” Cuban Counterpoints. September- October 2016. 

-“La ninfa inconstante: nuevos apuntes sobre la reescritura en Guillermo Cabrera Infante”. La Habana elegante. Otoño-Invierno, No. 56, 2014.

- “A not so Boring Home: Intertextualidad, exilio y diseminación en la obra de Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo.” Un pueblo disperso: La diáspora cubana y otras diásporas. Ed. Duany, Jorge. Madrid: Aduana Vieja, 2014.

- “Children, Material Culture and the “New Man” Ideology in Contemporary Cuban Film.” Red Feather: A Journal of Children’s Visual Culture. Volume 5, Issue 1, Fall 2014.



Omar Granados, Global Cultures & Languages, authored the article "Race and the 1980 Mariel Exodus in Wisconsin" in Anthurium, A Caribbean Studies Journal published on Dec. 14, 2021 by University of Miami.

Submitted on: Jan. 24, 2022


Omar Granados, CL-21, presented "Revisiting the Mariel Exodus of 1980: The Cubans of Fort McCoy" at the annual conference of the North Central Council of Latin Americanists (NCCLA) on Nov. 4, 2016 in UW-La Crosse. His talk was featured in the La Crosse Tribune on Nov. 5.

Submitted on: Nov. 7, 2016