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Paul Schweiger

Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Microbial Metabolism and Physiology
Synthetic and Molecular Biology
Applied Microbiology
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Current courses at UWL

MIC 230 Fundamental of Microbiology
MIC 425/525 Bacterial Physiology
MIC 500 Orientation to Clinical Microbiology


PhD University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2009
BS (Biotechnology) St. Cloud State University, 2004


Teaching history

Over 10 years teaching microbiology courses to undergraduates and graduate students including:
     - General Microbiology
     - Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism
     - Applied/Industrial Microbiology
     - Environmental Microbiology
     - Regulatory Mechanisms

Professional history

Associate Professor at UWL, 2022-Present
Assistant Professor at UWL, 2017-2022
Assistant Professor at Missouri State University, 2012-2017
Postdoctoral training - University of Bonn, 2009-2012

Research and publishing

My lab primarily studies microorganisms with the goal of understanding how their genes and proteins influence metabolism. In this way we can manipulate the organism's metabolism or introduce new metabolic pathways to produce end-products that have industrial application. Our research combines microbiological, molecular biology, biochemical, and systems approaches to engineer microbes for novel and increased production of value-added products. Using microorganisms as catalysts has many advantages over classic organic chemistry approaches, such as increased yields, high stereo- and regio-specificity without the need for protection group chemistry, and use of renewable living catalysts.

In addition, we have several collaborative projects concerning gut microbiota. These studies include those with Dr. Day Ligon (Missouri State University) to analyze the changes in gut microbiota of alligator snapping turtles under different types of nutritional feeding to enhance laboratory and sanctuary rearing success of these threatened species. We also collaborate with Dr. Alder Yu (UWL) on the effect of fruit fly gut microbiota on various aspects of fly health, which serves as a model for how gut microbiota may impact a variety of aspects of human health. 

More detail can be found on the lab website. 



Paul Schweiger, Microbiology, was named Review Editor on the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Industrial Microbiology: Fuels and Chemicals on Jan. 28.

Submitted on: Feb. 6



Paul Schweiger, Microbiology, co-authored the article "Horizontal gene transfer-mediated bacterial strain variation affects host fitness in Drosophila" in BMC Biology published on Sept. 27 by Springer Nature.

Submitted on: Sept. 28, 2021



Haley Castle, BIO: Biology BS; Teja Bhimavarapu, BIO: Biomedical Science BS; Alder Yu, Biology; Shianne Stacy, MIC: Clinical Microbiology; Travis Leuzinger, MIC: Microbiology BS; and Paul Schweiger, Microbiology; presented "Circadian rhythms in gut microbes of Drosophila melanogaster" at the 2020 Midwest Drosophila Conference on Oct. 24 in Online (Hosted by Indiana University Bloomington).

Submitted on: Nov. 4, 2020



Paul Schweiger, Microbiology, received the award for "Evaluating and optimizing the production of the vitamin C precursor, 2-keto-L-gulonate, in an engineered one-pot production system" from WiSys. The Launch Grant is to support the further development of technology that has been accepted as WiSys Intellectual Property.

Submitted on: Oct. 19, 2020