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Paul Schweiger

Specialty area(s)

Microbial Metabolism and Physiology
Synthetic and Molecular Biology
Applied Microbiology

Current courses at UWL

MIC 230 Fundamental of Microbiology
MIC 425/525 Bacterial Physiology

Teaching history

Over 5 years teaching microbiology courses to undergraduates and graduate students including:
     - General Microbiology
     - Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism
     - Applied/Industrial Microbiology
     - Environmental Microbiology
     - Regulatory Mechanisms

Professional history

Assistant Professor at Missouri State University, 2012-2017
Postdoctoral training - University of Bonn, 2009-2012
PhD University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2009
BS St. Cloud State University, 2004

Research and publishing

My lab primarily studies microorganisms with the goal of understanding how their genes and proteins influence metabolism. In this way we can manipulate the organism's metabolism or introduce new metabolic pathways to produce end-products that have industrial application. Our research combines microbiological, molecular biology, biochemical, and systems approaches to engineer microbes for novel and increased production of value-added products. Using microorganisms as catalysts has many advantages over classic organic chemistry approaches, such as increased yields, high stereo- and regio-specificity without the need for protection group chemistry, and use of renewable living catalysts.

More detail can be found on the lab website.