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I study circadian rhythms and the health effects of disrupting these daily rhythms, using fruit flies as a model system.  I am particularly interested in the effect of circadian rhythm disruption on metabolism and DNA damage repair.  I am currently accepting M.S. and undergraduate research students.

Current courses at UWL

BIO 105 (Introductory Biology); BIO 306 (Genetics); BIO 333 (Radiation Biology); BIO 440 (Bioinformatics); BIO 491 (Capstone); BIO 499 (Undergraduate Research)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology: S.B. '98

Tufts University: Ph.D. '11

Postdoctoral research at MIT and Tufts University School of Medicine



Alder Yu, Biology, received the award for Research Infrastructure Program Project Award from Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium. Yu received this research grant from the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium to study the effects of radiation on circadian rhythms in fruit flies.

Submitted on: Mar. 20