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Thomas Kernozek

Specialty area(s)

Biomechanics of Human Movement, Research Methods and Statistics


Brief biography

I have taught in the Physical Therapy Program since 1996. Was responsible for developing the Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory within the Health Science Center.  We currently have a very active biomechanics research laboratory where we largely study injury mechanisms and joint/soft tissue loading. Currently, I serve as the Director of the La Crosse Institute for Movement Science (LIMS). 

La Crosse Institute for Movement Science (LIMS) est. 2005. LIMS website
Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory Lab website


Post doctoral training, University of Minnesota
PhD, University of Minnesota (GO GOPHERS!)

Professional history

Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, member of the American Society of Biomechanics

Research and publishing

I have published over 90 research manuscripts largely with my students as co-authors. My graduate students have a great opportunity to be mentored in research in our laboratory.  It is a true faculty/student partnership to get this work accomplished.  Many of my students end up being co-authors on some of our work.  Follow the link to see what we are currently publishing (Pubmed Publications website) My faculty/student research has been cited by many other scientists in our field.  Follow the google link to learn a little more about what research I do and which papers are most cited  (Google Scholar Kernozek Citations website)

If you want to be educated to become a physical therapist as well as be involved in contemporary research in movement science, UWL is a really great place to be!