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Welcome and thanks for your interest in recycling at UW-La Crosse. UWL's recycling program was established in 1991 to reduce the amount of solid waste as well as reusing, and recycling those waste materials when possible.

UWL has combined reducereuse, and recycle with re-buy and refuse to form UWL's R-5 Program

  1. Reduce:   Cut your use of energy, water, materials and toxic products
  2. Reuse:   Use it again and again, until it can't be used anymore
  3. Recycle:   Make new products or packaging from used materials
  4. Re-buy:   Purchase products made from recycled materials
  5. Refuse/Re-think:   Think again!  Consider the environmental consequences of your purchasing decision before you buy.  Refuse products you don't need.  

Buying products made from recycled materials and thinking about our purchases closes the recycling loop. UWL continues its growth and commitment to recycling. Help us "Close the Loop" by integrating the five Rs into your daily life and encouraging others to do the same.