Military Duty Withdrawal & Short Term Absence Policies

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Military Withdrawal Policy

Military duty withdrawal apply only to those students who are current service members and called to active duty, or to the immediate family members of a current service member called to active duty, immediately prior to or during an academic term in which they are enrolled. These policies and procedures do not extend to individuals, or the immediate family members of individuals, who voluntarily enlist during an academic term in which they are enrolled. Students should be referred to the Veteran Educational Benefits Office (223 Graff Main Hall) and Student Life Office (149 Graff Main Hall) for assistance and guidance.

Depending on when the withdrawal is effective, options are available for complete or partial withdrawal with grades of "EP" and "EF," for accepting normal letter grades, or for "Incomplete" grades.

Refunds will be calculated based on dates and options selected. More information can be found in the university's full Military Duty Withdrawal Policy.

Short Term Military Absence Policy

Military students and their immediate family members who are enrolled as students shall not be penalized for class absence due to unavoidable or legitimate required military obligations, or medical appointments at a VA facility, not to exceed ten percent of instruction hours. Special permission may be granted by the instructor to exceed ten percent. Students are responsible for notifying faculty members of such circumstances as far in advance as possible and for providing documentation (military orders or VA appointment letter) to the Veteran Educational Benefit Office to verify the reason for the absence. The faculty member is expected to provide reasonable accommodations or opportunities to make up exams or other course assignments that have an impact on the course grade. Students are not relieved from completing assignments or group work. For longer term absences that will exceed the 10% of instruction hours, students should be referred to the Military Withdrawal Policy. More information can be found in the university's full Short Term Military Absence Policy.

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