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The State of Wisconsin grants priority registration for students who have served or are serving on active duty under honorable conditions in the United States armed forces, including Reservists and members of the National Guard. At the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, priority registration allows service members to register at the front of their class, meaning that a service member of sophomore standing will be able to register before other sophomores. To receive this benefit, a DD-214, a DD4, or a VA Certificate of Eligibility must be on file with the Veterans Educational Benefit Coordinator prior to registration.

The Wisconsin GI Bill provides a waiver (remission) of eligible tuition and fees for eligible veterans and their dependents for up to 8 full-time semesters or 128 credits at any University of Wisconsin System (UWS) or Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) institution for continuing education, or for study at the undergraduate or graduate level.

The WI GI Bill is a two part application. The Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs (WDVA) certifies the veteran/student is eligible, and the university determines the student (be it veteran, spouse, or child of a veteran) as eligible for the tuition remission based upon the statutory requirements for eligibility outlined in the WI GI Bill legislation.  

The WDVA 2030 goes to the WI Dept of Veteran Affairs. If the application is for a spouse or child, you will include a copy the veteran’s DD214 and VA service-connected disability letter.  The address is on the top of the form or you may email the documents to You may also complete this step on MyWisVets ( The login or register button is located in the top right corner. You will upload your documents and then apply via the site.

The WDVA 2029 goes to UWL's Veteran Educational Benefits Office with a copy of any supporting documentation. There is a list of supporting documentation on page three of the application. Please answer the three questions on page two from the student’s perspective. 

Students will receive the WI GI Bill tuition waiver during the semester the student is fully approved and students must be fully eligible prior to the final day of the semester/term they want to use the benefit. Being fully eligible includes submitting a positive determination (WDVA 2031) from the WI Dept of Veteran Affairs, a completed WDVA 2029, and all required supporting documentation to the Veterans Educational Benefits Office. The student is responsible for submitting the required documents and applications. Retroactive benefits are only granted for the semesters in the current fiscal year (July to June).

The tuition remission covers 100% of tuition and eligible segregated fees.  It does not cover all charges on your account, please email our office if you would like more information. The Wisconsin GI Bill is a state program that is entirely separate from the federal VA's Montgomery GI Bill or Post 9/11 GI Bill.

The state requires that Federal benefits are exhausted before the Wisconsin GI Bill can begin paying if the veteran or dependent is eligible for 100% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Effective January 2014, any student using the Wisconsin G.I. Bill, whether it be the veteran, the spouse or the child of a veteran, must maintain at least a 2.0 UWL cumulative GPA or higher in order to remain eligible for the Wisconsin G.I. Bill benefits. Should a student using the Wisconsin G.I. Bill have a UWL cumulative GPA that falls below the threshold of 2.0 at the end of a term, the student may still enroll the following term if academically eligible to continue by UWL standards; however, they will not be able to use the Wisconsin G.I. Bill at that time. Should the student get their UWL cumulative GPA back to a 2.0 or higher at the end of an unqualifying term, the student will be re-certified for the subsequent term by the institution/school.

Click here for more information about the Wisconsin GI Bill.

You must be an actively drilling, enlisted soldier or warrant officer of the Wisconsin National Guard who has not already earned a bachelor's degree to qualify for this grant. You must not be flagged for unexcused absences or failing to meet National Guard standards. Being in the Inactive Ready Reserve makes you Ineligible.

After completing the student portion of the DMA 189, submit the application to the Veterans Educational Benefits Office, Rm 223, Graff Main Hall. The school completes their portion of the form after grades are submitted for the semester.

The deadline submission is 90 days after the completion of a semester. The student must earn a term (semester) GPA must be at least a 2.0 to be eligible for the grant.

Please be aware this grant is intended to reimburse you for the cost of your tuition, and does not pay any money to the school.  You are responsible for paying your student bill per the University's payment due dates and policies.

Click here to fill out the National Guard Tuition Reimbursement Grant.

Eligible Wisconsin veterans who have not yet been awarded a bachelor's degree may use VetEd grants to pursue educational or vocational objectives up to a bachelor's degree at an eligible UW, technical college, or approved private institution of higher education. Reimbursement is currently up to 100% of the tuition and fees not covered by other grants, scholarships, or remissions. The maximum reimbursement is the equivalent of the UW-Madison rate for the same number of credits, up to the full-time rate. The reimbursement percentage may be adjusted periodically to reflect demand and available funding.  

Veterans may apply through their local County Veterans Service Officeapply online, or download a WDVA 2200 application. It is preferred that a student use the online application due to faster processing speeds. The application must be received by the department no later than 60 days after the start of the course. 

To be eligible for the VetEd grant, the veteran's household income must be below $50,000 plus $1,000 for each dependent in excess of two dependents. 

Supplemental payment is a WI state benefit and represents an approximation of the difference between the benefits a student would have received from Montgomery GI Bill®-Active Duty, Montgomery GI Bill®-Select Reserve or Reserve Educational Assistance Program and the benefits the student will receive from the Post-9/11 GI Bill®.

Student veterans may be eligible for supplemental payment if they meet the following criteria:

  • The student veteran is using Post 9/11 GI Bill®
  • The student veteran relinquished Montgomery GI Bill®-Active Duty, Montgomery GI Bill®-Select Reserve or Reserve Educational Assistance Program in order to receive Post 9/11 GI Bill®
  • The student is fully eligible for the WI GI Bill

Students who receive an equivalent or larger benefit package under Post 9/11 GI Bill®, or who have exhausted their 36 months of Montgomery GI Bill®-Active Duty benefits, will not receive a Supplemental payment.