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Mission statement

The mission of the UWL Young Professionals Association is to provide our members with opportunities to grow socially, professionally and civically through a strong spirit of collaboration and giving back.


As UWL’s premiere service group designed specifically for young professionals, one that embraces integrity and excellence, we are committed to the following values:


Connection and Collaboration


Diversity & Inclusion




The objective of creating and supporting a group such as this provides members with the opportunity to not only give back to UWL and the La Crosse community but build a network of like-minded professionals which will also work to build retention and increase productivity within our day-to-day responsibilities at UWL.

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Structure of responsibilities

Executive Director: Responsible for leading the group’s efforts by providing oversight to the leadership team and the members of YPA as well as promoting and maintaining the group’s core values. This person will be responsible for scheduling, creating the agenda and leading team meetings, ensuring all efforts and programs fit into the mission and objective of the group and being the liaison to UWL administration.

Director – Special Events: Responsible for generating new ideas for social events and leading the overall planning of such events.

Director – Professional Development: Responsible for working to bring professional development opportunities/events to the group and leading the overall planning of such events.

Director – Community Service/Engagement: Responsible for identifying projects for YPA to be involved in the community.

Director – Campus Involvement: Responsible for identifying potential projects for us to give back to campus and the students and being the liaison for the Student Affairs Administration program.

Director – Recruitment/Membership: Responsible for working to grow the membership of the group through outreach and recruitment. This may include working with HR to be involved in new employee orientations to get the word out to new faculty and staff of this opportunity.

Director – Marketing: Responsible for leading the efforts in getting marketing materials created for recruitment purposes, events etc. and creating and maintaining a page on UWL’s website. 


Each Director will serve a two-year term before having to be re-nominated and voted on by the rest of the board. If one of the Directors needs to step down at any time during their term, the Directors will nominate an existing member of YPA to fill the spot. This nomination must be voted on by the Board at the next executive team meeting.


Being a Director of YPA warrants the honor of representing all the young and aspiring professionals on UWL’s campus. To bear this honor each Director is expected to adhere to the following expectations:

  • Be a strong and positive influence in your personal and professional life.
  • Follow through on your respective duties, according to your expert area, to the best of your ability.
  • Communicate regularly and timely to the Executive Director and other Directors when working on a YPA related project.
  • Be a positive advocate for YPA.
  • Promote collaboration and be open to new ideas.
  • Attend executive team meetings, social gatherings and volunteer opportunities to the best of your ability.
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Social Events: YPA will host at least four social gatherings a year. These social gatherings can take place either on campus or off campus; however, if off campus, the venue must be approved by the Board.

Professional Development: YPA will host a variety of professional development opportunities which can be garnered through networking opportunities, workshops, speakers, and simply promoting existing professional development opportunities throughout the city of La Crosse to our members.

Community Service: YPA will engage with and/or deliver one service project a year that benefits the La Crosse community. Examples of these projects may include volunteering at a local non-profit, running a food drive and collecting and/or making items to donate to local non-profits.

Campus Involvement: YPA will engage with and/or deliver at least one service project a year geared towards UWL’s campus. Examples of these service projects may include hosting a workshop for graduating seniors on the transition from college to professional life or hosting a panel for the SAA students.

Recruitment: It is the goal of YPA to continuously grow our membership to lengthen the reach on campus. Recruiting of new members can be done a variety of ways including referrals from existing members, providing information to new hires through HR, email blasts, etc.

Marketing: It is important for YPA to have its own identity which is why YPA will have its own logo and website. Not only will this help to recruit new members but it will allow YPA the platform to spread the word about our events and service projects to increase participation and awareness to administration.