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Digital Marketing

A page within Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Certificate Programs

Choose from two in-demand graduate certificate programs to learn how to build, lead, analyze, and optimize digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Digital marketing collaboration
  • Designed for working professionals
  • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
  • Choose from two certificates
  • One class per semester
  • 100% online
  • 3 classes/9 credit

Graduate Certificate in

Digital Marketing Management

This graduate-level certificate will provide skills and strategies for you to lead and empower your digital marketing team. The 100% online program provides you with opportunities to maximize your learning by earning three microcredentials from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) while you complete this certificate:

  • Social Selling
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Institute

  • Effectively lead and manage cross-functional digital marketing projects
  • Design, execute, and manage digital media marketing plans
  • Create and manage a digital marketing campaign
  • Practice legal and ethical principals in digital marketing

Graduate Certificate in

Digital Marketing Analytics

Learn how to use the most current tools and technologies to analyze your customer data, improve marketing campaign performance, and gain skills to integrate digital marketing data into actionable intelligence. This graduate-level certificate provides you with opportunities to earn two additional credentials through partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and American Marketing Association (AMA): 

  • DMI Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)
  • AMA Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)

Digital Marketing Institute/ American Marketing Association

  • Collect, analyze, and leverage customer data for digital marketing strategies
  • Utilize technology tools to collect, analyze, and visually present campaign data
  • Build and optimize automation sequences of the buyer journey
  • Conduct market research to inform strategic position and identify target markets