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A page within CATL Instructor's Guide to Inclusive Excellence

A vast quantity of scholarship beyond the disciplines of many academics is relevant to our roles as teachers in diverse classrooms.  Even for instructors who teach about race, gender, social class, figuring out what matters for teaching and successful learning adds a challenge to find our way into an unfamiliar body of knowledge. This guide aims to help instructors negotiate that literature.

This section of the Instructors' Guide to Inclusive Excellence provides an overview of research on some important issues for instructors who seek to address some persistent inequities in higher education: 

  • how people construct and absorb social stereotypes and ideals
  • how systems and identities develop and intersect to produce and reinforce hierarchies
  • how these processes unintentionally (and sometimes, intentionally) benefit some groups of students and exclude or even undermine others
  • collaboration with our many other campus colleagues who also focus on student success
  • what initial steps we can take to address these problems