Latin American Emphasis

International Studies Minor: Latin American Emphasis

    (All colleges)

    18 credits, at least 9 credits of which must be at the 300/400 level.

    International studies foundation:
    Select one from:3
    ANT 202/ECO 202/GEO 202/HIS 202/POL 202/SOC 202 Contemporary Global Issues
    ANT 212/ECO 212/ENG 212/PHL 212/POL 212/WGS 212 Search for Economic Justice
    Required capstone course:3
    Engaging Global Challenges and Opportunities
    Latin American emphasis electives:
    Select an additional twelve credits of electives from at least three different disciplines on the Latin American emphasis list (see below) and at least six of these credits must be at the 300/400 level.12
    Total Credits18

    International studies minors may apply a maximum of six credits from another major or minor. 

    A maximum of six credits are allowed to overlap between general education requirements and the minor.

    Latin American emphasis

    ANT 290Andean Anthropology3
    ANT/ARC/HIS 353Maya Civilization3
    ANT 354Peoples and Cultures of Latin America3
    ARC 280The Incas and their Ancestors: Archaeology of the Andes3
    GEO 318The Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean3
    HIS 336Latinos in the United States: 1450-20003
    HIS 341Nineteenth Century Latin America3
    HIS 342Twentieth Century Latin America3
    HIS 344Latin America: 1450-18303
    HIS 345U.S.-Latin American Relations3
    HIS 347Greater Mexico3
    HIS 356History of Mexico3
    POL 339Contemporary Latin America3
    POL 439Women and Politics in Latin America3
    SOC 342Latino/a Experiences in the U.S.3
    SPA 202Spanish Language and Cultures in Action II4
    SPA 305Introduction to Hispanic Literature3
    SPA 321Spanish American Civilization3
    SPA 351Films in Spanish4

    Additional courses not listed above may be counted towards the INS Latin American emphasis minor as long as they satisfy at least one of the program learning outcomes. Please contact the INS Director for more information.