Director, Latin American and Latino Studies

Omar Granados Profile of Omar Granados Office hours
Associate Professor
329B Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Contemporary Latin American and Latino literature and cultural studies, Caribbean studies, film studies, migration studies and literary translation.

Associated Faculty

William Barillas Profile of William Barillas Office hours
Assistant Professor
425N Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

American culture and literature; Midwestern culture and literature; Latino/Latina culture and literature; environmental literature; poetry and poetics; popular culture and music.

Jonathan Borja Profile of Jonathan Borja Office hours
Assistant Professor
234 Center For The Arts
Specialty areas:

Flute, Music History

Rose Brougham Profile of Rose Brougham Office hours
Assistant Professor
315E Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Spanish American poetry, Southern Cone, daughter-mother relationships, and performance poetry

Victoria Calmes Profile of Victoria Calmes Office hours
Associate Professor
311D Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

XX Century Peninsular Literature, Film Studies, 2nd Language Acquisition

Enilda Delgado Profile of Enilda Delgado Office hours
437B Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Demography, Social Stratification, Social Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods

Timothy Gongaware Profile of Timothy Gongaware Office hours
437M Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Social Movements, Collective Behavior, Leisure Groups, Identity (individual and collective), Qualitative Research

David Hart Profile of David Hart Office hours
425V Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Postcolonial Studies, Caribbean literature and culture, World Literatures, Cultural Studies, folklore, various British and American Lit, globalization and literature.

Christine Hippert Profile of Christine Hippert Office hours
437L Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

anthropology of food, medical anthropology, community development, the social construction and politics of gender/ethnic/racial/national identities, migration, Latin American and the Caribbean Studies, public health

Eric Kraemer Profile of Eric Kraemer
4102 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas: Philosophy of Mind, Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Medical Ethics
Heather Linville Profile of Heather Linville Office hours
Associate Professor
240C Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Dr. Linville's main research areas are advocacy for English learners (ELs), critical language awareness, teacher education, standards, and curriculum design.

Adele Lozano Profile of Adele Lozano
Assistant Professor
345 Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Latinx Student Leadership Development; Student Development; Student Retention

Víctor Macías-González Profile of Víctor Macías-González Office hours
403J Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Latin American, Mexican, Latina/o, and Gender and Sexuality, and Cultural history.  Focus on nineteenth-century Mexico, especially the Porfiriato (1876-1911). Interests include diplomacy, transnational migration, Mexican diaspora, consumption and material culture, masculinity, Latin@s in the Midwest, and the homophile movement.

Cecilia Manrique Profile of Cecilia Manrique
425H Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas: Developing Areas (Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East); Women and Politics; Immigration; Computer in the Political Science Classroom
Peter Marina Profile of Peter Marina
Associate Professor
437K Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Urban Ethnography, Criminology, Transgressive Sociology, Sociology of City Life, Hispanic immigration, Sociology of Religion, race and ethnicity, among other topics.

Timothy McAndrews Profile of Timothy McAndrews Office hours
435A Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

South American/Andean Archaeology, Rise of Complex Society, Sedentary Village-Based Adaptations

Claire Mitchell Profile of Claire Mitchell Office hours
Assistant Professor
315F Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Spanish, Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Pedagogy, Teaching and Learning of Culture, Social Media use in FL learning

Alessandro Quartiroli Profile of Alessandro Quartiroli
Associate Professor
331G Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Sport and Exercise Psychology & Counseling (professional, educational, and ethical issues in SEP; the psychology of physical activity and health behaviors, psycho-socio-cultural aspects related to sport and physical activity participation)

Jose Rubio-Zepeda Profile of Jose Rubio-Zepeda Office hours
Transfer Retention Specialist
1105 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

Academic and Financial Retention, Transnationalism and identity within the context of migration; globalization and its effects; African Diaspora in Central America and the Caribbean, especially in the Dominican Republic and Haiti; critical race theory; cultural studies; masculinity, class, gender

Megan Strom Profile of Megan Strom
Assistant Professor
315I Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Hispanic Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Social Semiotics, Spanish in the United States, Critical Media Studies

Jessica Thill Profile of Jessica Thill
Senior Student Service Coordinator
2101A Centennial Hall

Latin American Student Organization (LASO) Representative

Micaela Julian profile photo
Micaela Julian