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University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Spanish Language Program

ALANA (Asian Latina African Native American Women)

Club de Español

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLAC)

Roberto Hernandez Center


Viterbo University

Latin American Studies Minor

Spanish Club


University of Minnesota

Department of Chicano and Latino Studies

Local Communities & Organizations

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin

1021 West National Avenue / Milwaukee, WI 53204

Telephone: (414) 643-6963

Fax: (414) 643-6994

Lugar de Reunion - A comprehensive Latino resource center offering a broad range of supportive programming

Programs include: English language classes,Bi-lingual play group, Women's group, Sewing classes, Chess Club, Computer Lab for educational use, Translation and Clothes closet

Volunteer Opportunities:  English tutor, Childcare provider Donate items, money, time

Contact:  Alfonso Sánchez, Program Director, Telephone: 608-269-2944, E-mail:

Location:  620 Industrial Drive, Sparta, Wisconsin, United States

Hours:  Monday 10:00am-1:00pm, Tuesday 10:00am-5:00pm, Wednesday 10:00am-1:00pm, Thursday 10:00am-5:00pm, Friday 10:00am-1:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

UMOS - United Migrant Opportunity Services

UMOSis a private, non-profit corporation established in 1965 to advocate for and provide services to Hispanic migrant and seasonal farm workers in Wisconsin.  It is a joint, interreligious ministry.  It offers diverse programs and services to diverse populations and seeks to improve the employment, education, health, and housing opportunities of under-served populations. Currently UMOS operates programs to assist low-income individuals and families as they gain economic self-sufficiency. In 2007, more than $46 million in grant funds from federal, state, and local sources supported these programs.   Programs and services provided by UMOS are divided into four major categories: workforce development, child development, education and social services, which include housing, health promotions and domestic violence supportive services. In addition to these programs, UMOS sponsors and organizes a number of cultural and community events in Wisconsin.The UMOS corporate offices are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. UMOS programs operate throughout the state of Wisconsin, as well as in Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. 

Resource Center of the Americas - Informs, educates and organizes to promote human rights, economic justice, democratic participation, and cross cultural understanding in the context of globalization in the Americas.

Services include: Spanish Language and Cross Cultural Training classes, language and cultural exchanges, Immigrant Experience Outreach, and Development of curricular materials for teachers and students.

Contact information: 3019 Minnehaha Ave, Suite 20,  Minneapolis, MN 55406, Telephone: (612) 276-0788,  Fax: (612) 605-3252      

Amy Brockman,  Education Coordinator - Contact to register or inquire about classes (612) 276-0788 ext. 4 

Liliana Rivera,  Office Coordinator (612) 276-0788 ext. 1 

Jason Stone,  Executive Director (612) 276-0788 ext. 3