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The Center for Transformative Justice enriches the campus community through explorative and restorative social justice education. We serve the campus by implementing critical frameworks to better understand the lived experiences of individuals, and their intersectional identities, to build a more equitable learning environment. Using the stories students share with us, we aim to provide programming and spaces that address inequities and barriers students experience. 


CTJ aspires to advance cross cultural communication within our community that strengthens belonging by leveraging critical thinking, courageous dialogue, and humble reflection. 


Integrity: Investigate and address community issues that impact marginalized people to restore justice 

Connection: Develop relationships that leverage empathy, compassion, and trust to participate in challenging conversations on equity, diversity, and inclusion 

Respect: Learning to appreciate individuals for who they are, and the identities they hold, that make them valued members of our community 

Exploration: Learning about other cultures and their experiences by engaging in new relationships, conversations, and activities that differ from our own


We would like to recognize that the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse occupies the land of the Ho-Chunk people. Please take a moment to recognize and honor this ancestral Ho-Chunk land and the sacred land of all indigenous peoples.