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Climate Survey 2008

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Survey Information
UWL was one of five campuses (Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Stevens Point, and Colleges) that launched a System campus climate assessment initiative. All students and employees were strongly encouraged to participate in this survey. Computers and technical support were available for those who did not have access to computers. People were also encouraged to call 785-5094 for support or to obtain a paper and pen survey.

The answers to the survey were submitted directly to Rankin and Associates Consulting and confidentiality was guaranteed. The IP address that was used in submitting the survey was stripped when it reached Rankin and Associates. The campus received reports of group results only (NO individual answers) and no individual was identifiable in the results.

Work Group Members: 
Barbara Stewart (Co-Chair), Beth Hartung (Co-Chair), Caiden Marcus, Amelia Dittman, Sandi Krajewski, Cynthia Berlin, Saundy Solum, Tom Link, Joy Gutknecht, Angie Lee, Tanmaya Singh

Questions about the survey should be directed to: Susan R. Rankin, Ph.D., Rankin and Associates Consulting, P.O. Box 576. Howard, PA 16841, You may also contact UWL employees Barbara Stewart at 785-5094, or Carmen Wilson at 785-8043,

View the final report summary | View the final full report