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The Bias Support & Education Team meets regularly to update an annual, living document of UWL reported bias incidents for the public interest. 

As you view the following overview of reports, it is important to note:

  • The Bias Support & Education Team (BSET) will publish as much as deemed appropriate, based on privacy concerns and safety, as well as the expressed preferences from the people involved.
  • Any action taken in response to bias incident reports may or may not be reported based on privacy and the nature of whether there was any request for action.
  • Response efforts and education are ongoing.
  • First amendment rights of all members of this community are respected in this process. UW System Legal Counsel is also consulted when needed to ensure any response taken does not infringe upon the freedom of expression.
  • The information in this document reflects all reports submitted, however, not all may fit our definition of a bias incident and consequently may be excluded from the end-of-year report.