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The Center for Transformative Justice strives to facilitate, sustain and advance an organizational culture and climate that supports principles of social justice, equity, inclusion and community. One of the many ways we aim to accomplish this is by providing training and development opportunities to the campus community. Below you will find trainings we provide as well as a link where you can request one for your department, office, or organization. This is not a comprehensive list, and there is certainly potential for a more customized training. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 785-5094 or  .   

  • Micro-Aggressions and the Subtle Impact on Campus Culture     
    It's like 10,000 little cuts. Micro-aggressions. It's a more contemporary form of bias… often subtle and well-intentioned, but it still cuts deep. Join us to explore these everyday, commonplace exchanges (as they relate to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability and other identities) and the negative impact they can have on the target person or group. Participants will discuss how micro-aggressions manifest in our daily lives, on campus, and within the larger society, and how we can move beyond them.   

  • Working With Difficult People      
    Participants will define "difficult," explore common characteristics of difficult people, identify strategies for navigating difficult workplace relationships, and become informed about campus resources to utilize when difficulty crosses the line.   

  • Diversity 101  
    While diversity might be a broad and potentially daunting subject, it is important to have open, honest dialogue that creates genuine inclusion and acceptance. The Diversity 101 training aims to broaden and deepen student, faculty, and staff understanding, respect, and critical thinking skills with regard to difference. This interactive introductory workshop will explore how we interact with the world and what our role is in making our community more inclusive so that all can thrive.  

  • Sticks & Stones: The Manifestation of Hate   
    This interactive presentation on hate and bias incidents is designed around three concepts: education, exploration and empowerment. Participants will learn how to define and identify a hate incident versus a hate crime; participants will explore the impact, attraction and escalation of hate; and ultimately, participants will understand how they can join the movement towards creating a hate-free campus climate by reporting hate incidents and taking a stand against everyday bigotry. Depending on group dynamics of the audience and time permitting, this workshop may include a brief lecture, a short video, a "Sticks & Stones" word activity, case studies, and/or open, honest dialogue.   

  • The Language of Inclusion
    Are you ever afraid of using words that unintentionally exclude others? Come to this session to learn more about the language of inclusion. It's not so much about changing how we talk... it's more about changing how we think. Participants will explore ways to broaden their worldview and minimize personal assumptions in order to create more inclusive communities in our classrooms, organizations and relationships.   

  • White Privilege 101  
    Can you easily find posters, greeting cards and dolls that represent your race? Have you ever been pulled over by the police because you are white? When you shop, are you treated as a serious customer and not a potential shoplifter? This interactive session will help us explore the flip side of racism, through examining the workings of white privilege in the US.   


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