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Awareness through Performance

...changing the world one performance at a time. 

We are Awareness through Performance. On our campus, we are not only students, but also change agents and leaders. We are committed. We are passionate. We are both learners and teachers. We are diverse in our identities and experiences and most importantly, we are willing to share our stories.

The mission of Awareness through Performance is to promote greater consciousness around social justice, diversity, and climate issues on the UWL campus and beyond. Using the stage as our forum, we creatively challenge systems of privilege and oppression and strive to plant seeds of social responsibility, inspire critical thought, and spark a campus-wide conversation.

To date, one of UWL's most successful, well-known, and far-reaching social justice/equity initiatives is Awareness through Performance (ATP), a program that promotes greater consciousness around campus climate and social justice issues on the UWL campus and beyond. Using the stage as their forum, a diverse troupe of 20 students come together to speak their truth, creatively challenge systems of privilege and oppression, and inspire critical thought and social responsibility across campus. Their culminating 90-minute performance promotes an inclusive campus environment and addresses issues of power, privilege, and oppression. Since its first debut in 2006, 78 performances have been offered to the La Crosse community, impacting over 2000 students, employees, and community members every year.

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Want to join the movement?

We're always welcoming new change agents! If you are a UWL student and you...

  • share a passion for diversity and social justice issues or desire to further explore the dynamics of how these issues shape our world.
  • seek to gain a greater understanding of institutional oppression and the “isms” that affect all members of our community.
  • can challenge and support other cast members, while maintaining an open mind and a positive attitude.
  • strive to develop and/or strengthen your cross-cultural communication and peer education skills.
  • and/or wish to create an inclusive environment, and will continue to work towards this, even after the performances conclude. would make a great addition to our team!

The required time commitment is only 11 days (Friday, August 27th-Sunday, September 5th)!! (Most of which happen before the academic semester begins.)

... Applications will be available in the future. 

If you would like to be notified when applications are available, please feel free to reach out.


Two Students Holding an Awareness through Performance Sign

Awareness through Performance (ATP) first debuted on the UWL campus in the fall of 2006. With its essence largely rooted in the concept of Performance Studies, where the message is placed above the delivery, ATP exists as an alternative outlet for social activism on campus. Currently, the Research and Resource Center for Campus Climate supports the development and delivery of three productions (6 student performances and 1 faculty/staff performance) during the academic year on the UWL campus.

The ATP Performance Troupe is comprised of students who share a passion for diversity and social justice issues and desire to further explore the dynamics of how these issues shape our world. Because of their commitment to gaining a greater understanding of the institutional oppressions and "isms" that affect all members of our community, these students come together to dialogue, research, reflect, write, and eventually perform real life experiences that touch on topics of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, heterosexism, gender expression and identity, privilege, hate, cultural differences, and more. Using the stage as their forum for educating, the performers creatively explore, examine and dissect issues that are present in today's society.

It is hoped that by watching these performances, audience members will increase their cross-cultural awareness, embrace a journey towards greater understanding, and become committed to tearing down the barriers in order to create inclusive communities. The performance is designed to begin or, for some, continue the dialogue about the difficult social issues that are presented even after the performance concludes.

ATP is indeed changing the world… one performance at a time.

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As a troupe, we convene for what we call, ATP development week; a very full week devoted to creating a social justice performance to share with the larger UWL campus community. The performance consists of scenes that explore a variety of social justice issues including privilege and oppression, racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, religious privilege and oppression, hate and bias, and other issues of social identity. We put these scenes on center stage, in hopes of sparking a campus-wide conversation about the issues which affect all of us, individually and collectively.

During development week is all about the good stuff that transpires behind the scenes. We self-disclose, discuss, dialogue, and reflect upon our experiences as individuals and as a community. In turn, we transform our stories and conversations into scenes, weaving together our commonalities and differences in experiences. This process of "stories-to-scenes" is essential to the success and impact of our performances.

Calling all poets, artists, musicians, and performers: Embrace your inner activist and share your message of social justice, social awareness, and social action! 

ATP FULL DISCLOSURE. This is an open invitation from the Awareness through Performance troupe to all students, faculty, staff, and community members who are passionate about social justice and diversity issues. We are looking for spoken word pieces, slideshows, songs, short performances, and more!

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 Upcoming Open Mics:

  • TBD

Interested in performing?
It is not necessary to sign up in advance; however, if you'd like to be guaranteed a spot, please complete our  Open Mic Interest Form.

ATP Playlist on UW-La Crosse YouTube:

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Nominated for NACURH, Inc. September 2012 Diversity Program of the Month

Nominated for NACURH, Inc. September 2012 Organization of the Month

Proud Recipient of the 2012 Program of the Year Award by Wisconsin College Personnel Association (WCPA)

Voted 2012 Outstanding Diversity Program by Residence Hall Association Council (RHAC)

Voted "2010-11 Best All-Campus Educational Program of the Year" by Residence Hall Association Council (RHAC)

Nominated for the 2010-11 Outstanding Program by a Student Organization  
(Celebration of Leadership & Involvement)

Proud Recipient of the 2009 Program Achievement Award from the State Council on Affirmative Action  
and the Office of State Employment Relations

Nominated for the 2009 UW System Board of Regents Diversity Award by UWL

Nominated for the 2008 UW System Board of Regents Excellence Award by Academic Staff Council

Voted "2006-07 Best All-Campus Educational Program of the Year" Residence Hall Association Council (RHAC)

Laura Abellera
Ruthann Aitch
Caitlyn Addison
Cody Allen
Richard Allenby
Alexis Anderson
Nizam Arain
Beatriz Aranda
Vanessa Armstrong
Authrene Ashton
Cody Babcock
Brent Bankes
Elena Bantle
Sierra Barthen
Kalon Bell
Bjorn Bergman
Carrie Bero
Danny Bero
Vinisha Bhatia
Dany Bicoy
Angela Birrittella
Jacqueline Bisson
Bobby Black
Jessica Boerschinger
Allie Boldt
Shan Bolen
Kierra Bowie
Adam Bradley
Bree Breckel
David M. Briggs
Liz Brown
Bedston Burrell
Jaime Burse
Eric Busse
Jamie Capetillo
Justine Capetillo
Bri Carroll
Molly Censky
Raven Chappelle
Beth Charnell
Mao Cheng
Vanessa Childs
Ezedike Chioma
Lauren Cikara
AJ Clauss
Ben Cooney
Lily Cornwell
Kierra Cowan
Sonia Cruz
Colleen Cudo
Stephanie Bohlman
Caitlin Cullen
Tegan Daly
Hannah Day
Cassie Deacon
Bethany Deluhery
Maya Dougherty-Harris
Lejia Dongzhu
Erik Ellefson
Andrew Emond
Karter Etchin
Allison Evans
Camoya Evans
Matt Evensen
Tofer Femal
Katie Fick
Stephanie Fletcher
Skyler Frickelton
Michael Fuerte
Claire Ganshert
Racquel Garcia
Sonia Garcia
Morgan Gates
Mara Gericke
Andrew Gilbert
Jori Given
Mary Glatzmaier
Amanda Goodenough
Fatima Guled
Iris Gundersen
Kimberly Gutierrez
Lucas Graff
Angel Granger

Michaela Habberley
Marian Halle
Beth Hartung
Beck Hawkins
Jill Hayes
Melissa Heller
Fabiola Hernandez
Roland Hernandez
Carmen Hetzel
Melissa Hill
Jazzma Holland
Stephanie Holt
Katheryn Horne
Kim Howe
Piper Howe
Shane Howe
Mirm Hurula
Khadijah Islam
Addison Israelson
Andrew Ives
Gretchen Iverson
Jessica Jablonski
Alivia Jackson
Beverly Jackson
Brent Jacobs
Jeremy Jansen
Nic Johnson
Sawyer Johnson
Chris Jones
Keyla Jones-Rosa
Micaela Julian
Ryan Kacvinsky
Dani Kallis
Roi Kawai
Andrew Kelly
Joe Kensok
Alexis Klas
Derek Kockler
Liam Koons
Zachary Koop
Sofia Kozidis
Morgan Kuptz
Ramani Kutty
DeVonte Kuykendall
Erin La Voie
Katrina Laursen
T. Leeper
Kara Leffelman
Devonte Leggett
Konrad Liebzeit
Mackenzie Lewis
Colin Ley
Lynn Lodahl
Michael Long
Mai Nue Lor
Natalie Magnus
Brian Manske
Caiden Marcus
Angela Marinello
Erin Maroney
Serina McAdory
Jonathan McCune
Megan McGarry

Paige McKibben
Martin Meier
Ana Mendoza
Elizabeth Metz
Matt Michalski
Sienna Miller
Megan Moneta
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Natasha Musalem-Perez
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Kate Oganowski
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Isabel Ortiz
Ebony Phillips
Krystal Porter
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Victoria Preuss
Hafsa Qazi
Melanie Quiñones
Kaitlynn Radloff
Jessica Ramirez
Macy Ramos
Andrew Álvaro Rasmussen
Anna Razidlo
Keaton Read
Ariel Reker
Steve Reuter
Kaitlyn Riley
Brieann Robbins
Caleb Roberts
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Crystal Rosado
Kenny Rosales
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Jillian Rowley
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Maricruz Sanchez
Dylan Santee
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Aimee Schneider
Lauren Schroeder
Sarah Seguine-Hall


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Stephanie Souvenir
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Karlie Stefan
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Jason Strangstalien
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Emma Svendsen
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