Joint Legislative/Regents Committee (JLRC)

2018-2019 Committee Members

JLRC Meeting Minutes YTD FY19

Responsibilities of the Committee are the following:

  1. Increase awareness among legislators and regents about the contributions of academic staff, faculty and students to the university, as well as issues of concern for academic staff, faculty, and students.
  2. Increase awareness among academic staff, faculty, and students about legislative and regent issues that affect the university in general, and campus academic staff, faculty, and student governance groups specifically.
  3. Assist campus governance groups in researching legislative or system-related actions that potentially impact academic staff, faculty, and students, and make recommendations to the campus governance groups.
  4. Actively advocate on behalf of the university on legislative and regents issues.
  5. Coordinate efforts with other campus legislative activities.
  6. Encourage information-sharing and joint activities with academic staff, faculty, and students at other campuses.


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