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Community Engaged Learning involves fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that enhance student learning, address societal concerns, and improve quality of life by co-creating partnerships that meet community needs.


UGetConnected Service Learning Module Quick Guide

Leader Access (Instructors):

  1. Log into the UWL UGetConnected software (
    1. Use UWL login credentials for access
  2. Click “profile button” on top right to trigger drop down menu
  3. Click on “SLM Leader Portal”
  4. Click on title of your section – Select correct section if Leader to multiple sections!
  5. Explore various tabs (Roster, Needs, Hours, Reflections, etc)

Hours Needed by Each Student: This will be determined by the instructor and added by Site Manager (Civic Engagement and Leadership Coordinator Kelsi Grubisich,

Needs and Collaboration:

  • *As students respond to a Need, they have to attach it to their course/section.*
  • Needs and Agencies can be assigned to sections
    • Must be agreed upon by agency managers – Site Manager will adjust software
    • If agreed upon by agency managers, Leaders can post Private Needs
  • Project/agency not on UGetConnected?
    • In-house projects can be created as a Need
      • Ex: Semester project generated from coursework can be assigned as a Need
    • Site Manager can create Needs specifically to partner with section/instructor

Reflections:  *Reflections are only available/visible to students when they enter their hours*

  • Respond to a Need = RSVP only, Enter Hours = Confirming experience
  • All students in section see the same/any active reflection questions
  • Recommendation: Build reflection questions based on a benchmarked timeline
    • Ex: Students must serve at least once every two weeks
    • All students see same reflection question of “How did your first service experience compare to your expectations?” for the first 2 weeks.
    • All students see same reflection question of “Share two connections between your service experience and our course discussion” for the second 2 weeks

Giving Students Access:

  1. Each section has a “copy join link” button – Share this link with your section directly to see in real time students complete the “join” process
  2. Recommendation: Build this “join link” into an assignment early with students

There are articles and videos available on the Galaxy Digital website.  To set up a 1-on-1 session to explore the platform functionality with Kelsi, email

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