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Community Engagement prepares educated, engaged citizens who contribute to the public good.

Community Engagement in Research & Scholarship

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a classroom to community relationship that involves Academically-based community engaged courses where student learning takes place in partnership with a community organization/business. The student has course content related reflection and/or faculty mentorship that enhances student learning while also providing a service to the partnering agency. There are two types of Community Engaged Learning: Community Engagement in Research and Scholarship and Community Engagement in Teaching and Learning.

Community Engagement in Research and Scholarship is scholarship resulting from a mutually beneficial partnership between UWL faculty/staff/students and an external non-higher education partner to conduct research. Scholarship is creative intellectual work that is validated by peers (if it is not proprietary) and communicated to a specific audience.

These activities include, but are not limited to: contracted research, curriculum development, engaged scholarship, practice-based research, undergraduate research, problem-based research, capstone, and course-embedded undergraduate research.

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