Friend of Graduate & Extended Learning Award

Friend of Graduate & Extended Learning Award Ceremony & Reception

April 27, 2022
2:15–3:15 p.m. | Hall of Nations, 1300 Centennial Hall

The Friend of Graduate & Extended Learning Award recognizes University of Wisconsin-La Crosse faculty and staff who, through their collaboration Graduate & Extended Learning, have created learning opportunities that extend UW-La Crosse into the community. These innovative programs support Graduate & Extended Learning’s commitment to public service, life-long learning, and growth through collaboration.

Dan Duquette, Ed.D., CHES

Dan Duquette, Ed.D., CHES, Professor and Chair, Department of Public Health and Community Health Education, Academic Director, Health & Wellness Management

Dan has collaborated with GEL on numerous initiatives. He took the lead role for UWL in the development of the collaborative, online B.S. degree in Health and Wellness Management, the first online collaborative program established at UWL. He was also instrumental in developing the online collaborative M.S. degree in Healthcare Administration. Dan has developed and taught many continuing education offerings for Certified Health Education Specialists over the years. Finally, he has served as an advocate for GEL in leadership positions on campus, including service as interim Director of Graduate Studies and interim Associate Dean.

Tim Gerber, Ph.D.

Tim Gerber, Ph.D., Professor, Biology

Tim has worked with GEL since 1999 on developing and offering a variety of workshops for environmental science professionals on the topics related to wetland protection, management, and development. Drawing on his training as an aquatic plant biologist, Tim has leveraged expertise from numerous state and federal agencies to create highly-regarded training workshops on topics including wetland delineation, plant identification, and the properties of wetland soils. Such knowledge is needed by those who work to protect wetland habitats and to comply with regulations protecting them. Tim has also collaborated with GEL on youth programs, including the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, a STEAM workshop series, and Eco Explorers; he also worked as an instructor and coordinator of programming for K–12 educators.

Susan Kelly, Ph.D.

Susan Kelly, Ph.D., Professor, Mathematics & Statistics

Susan’s signature outreach program is now known as Hands on Science – it started in 1999 as Girls in Science, and Boys Science Exploration was added in 2011. The program offers high-quality and engaging experiences for middle school-aged children, taught by UWL faculty. Susan has worked on all aspects of the program over the years, from recruiting faculty to teach, helping find volunteers to spend the night in the residence halls when the program included an overnight stay, to hand-delivering information about scholarships for students to local middle schools. She was also instrumental in bringing the Math and Science Expo to UWL, a middle school science fair hosted on campus each spring. Sue’s passion for outreach to young people is unmatched and serves as an inspiration to all who encounter it.