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SCHOLARSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE - Resulting in only $396/credit

We are pleased to announce the offering scholarships.jpgof scholarships to our existing and entering students for our programs. Scholarships will be available to students with a minimum 3.0 grade average.  Scholarship will be in the amount of $54/credit. Since our existing tuition is $450/credit, the applied scholarship to qualified applicants will take this amount down to $396/credit. For new students, we will look at your entering GPA at application and use that GPA for qualification standards. Existing students we will look at your GPA at time of your 
last term to determine qualification standards. Check out further scholarship opportunities here.

UWL Professional Studies in Education Collaborates with Tomah School District to Obtain Teacher Development Grant

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) presented a $123,100 grant to be used to train up to 20 Tomah elementary and secondary teachers through three UW-La Crosse reading programs.

Tomah School District Administrator, Cindy Zahrte, commented, "We know how important reading is to the success of children in school and for their futures.  We are very grateful to UW-La Crosse Professional Studies in Education for their collaborative efforts in helping us obtain this grant."

UWL ME-PD Student Making a Difference in Her Spanish Class

One of our ME-PD students, Katie Beyer, Logan High School Spanish teacher, created for her students a full Spanish language immersion experience instead of just a trip to a foreign country. “It gives them opportunity to see the real world, real-lifeMake a difference.png application of their language use and how it's not just doing or learning something for test and checking it off the list,” said Beyer.  See more here. Video

UWL - Educational Leadership Student Named
Top Notch Teacher for December 2018

Garrett Zimmerman is known for his ability to take the typical boring school subject and turn it into something fun. As one of his students stated, "He puts it into a way that is 1. Fun and 2. Easy to Learn."  Congrats Garrett on being chosen Top Notch Teacher for December 2018!  Video

UWL Educational Leadership Student Awarded Grant 

The Onalaska Education Foundation (OEF) announced UWL Educational Leadership student, Larry Swiggum of Northern Hills Elementary, as a recipient of one of the Claude Deck Innovative Grants for 2018.

The OEF looks for projects that are innovative and inspire students and teachers to achieve educational excellence; impact a variety of students and/or schools; are collaborative in nature; and meet educational objectives. Great job Larry!

Experience the Transformation


"Although somewhat skeptical at the onset, I have to admit that when I saw the word “transformative” used for one of the outcomes of the program it was with some curiosity as to how that was measured or even described by the participants. Yet, person after person was able to share with me how each viewed the transformative process so that when educators went back to their buildings, others did see a change in those who had participated and principals indicated that the changes were felt at the building level itself."

Diane Rauschenfels, External Reviewer March 2016