Professional Studies in Education

Due to COVID-19, our physical office is closed. However, all classes will be held online and instructors and staff are working remotely. We recommend email or Canvas to reach instructors and email or phone for departmental business.

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We're Here for You!

We're now living in unprecedented times. We want you to know we're here for you. This is a time when we can all self-reflect on the path we'd like to take to meet our professional, as well as personal goals. We’re pleased to offer all of our quality courses in an online format, all designed to help you stay on track and move forward with your professional development path. 

Registration is now in full swing, so experience the transformation now by applying today for either summer or fall terms. 

        Business: Patricia Markos
        Program and Resources: Cindy George


We want success for every child!

At IPSE, we envision a world where all educators empathetically build more authentic, diverse, and impactful relationships as they prepare our next generation of caring servant leaders.

We feel a deep responsibility to create a world where every child can learn and find happiness from chasing their dreams and passions.
We work to passionately build a dynamic, connected, and inspired community of learners dedicated to transforming the profession of education.
We envision our graduates are defined by their desire to inspire those around them to live caring and meaningful lives.
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Experience a True Transformation

"Although somewhat skeptical at the onset, I have to admit that when I saw the word “transformative” used for one of the outcomes of the program it was with some curiosity as to how that was measured or even described by the participants. Yet, person after person was able to share with me how each viewed the transformative process so that when educators went back to their buildings, others did see a change in those who had participated and principals indicated that the changes were felt at the building level itself."

Diane Rauschenfels, External Reviewer March 2016

Summer Term - June 1st 
Fall Term - August 17th
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UWL Still At The Top!

UW-La Crosse remains Wisconsin’s top-ranked public university among its peers according to U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges listing. The popular magazine also lists UW-La Crosse as the No. 3 public university among Best Regional Universities in the Midwest — up from No. 4 a year ago.

It’s the 19th year in a row that UWL has remained the state’s top-ranked comprehensive campus in the UW System and among the top 4 in the Midwest.  US News also named UWL a Best Value School and kept it on the list among “A-Plus Schools for B Students.” 

SCHOLARSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE - Resulting in only $396/credit

We are pleased to announce the offering scholarships.jpgof scholarships to our entering students for our programs. Scholarships will be available to students with an undergraduate grade point average (GPA)  minimum of 3.5.  Scholarship will be in the amount of $54/credit. Since our existing tuition is $450/credit, the applied scholarship to qualified applicants will take this amount down to $396/credit. For new students, we will look at your entering undergraduate GPA at application and use that GPA for qualification standards. After initially qualifying for the scholarship at time of application, a 3.5 GPA must be maintained throughout the program to continue receiving the scholarship each term. Check out further scholarship opportunities here.  Scholarship program contingent upon funding.