Graduate faculty

RM & TR Graduate Program Director

Katherine Evans  Profile of Katherine Evans  Office hours

Associate Professor
2042 Health Science Center


Tara Delong  Profile of Tara Delong  Office hours

Associate Teaching Professor
2041 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Mental Health, Health education, capacity building, group facilitation, trauma informed care, and cultural humility

Laurie Harmon  Profile of Laurie Harmon  Office hours

2044 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

My primary areas of research are social-psychological outcomes of nature-based recreation including how we come to know and get connected to places, technology and the outdoors, and the scholarship of teaching & learning.  I particularly enjoy the work I do using underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to get youth and adults connected to aquatic environments.

Namyun Kil  Profile of Namyun Kil

Assistant Professor
2048 Health Science Center

Lindsey Kirschbaum  Profile of Lindsey Kirschbaum

Assistant Teaching Professor
2041 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Developmental/Physical Disabilities, Sensory Integration, Assistive Technology/Adaptive Equipment, Sibling Support

Brian Kumm-Schaley  Profile of Brian Kumm-Schaley  Office hours

Associate Professor
2049 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

*     Community Recreation and Social Belonging

*     Leisure and Culture

*     Theories of Affect

*     Qualitative and Postqualitative Inquiry

*     Deleuze & Deleuzian approaches to research and leisure

Daniel Plunkett  Profile of Daniel Plunkett  Office hours

Associate Professor
2044 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Outdoor recreation, tourism, place attachment, social media use in recreation/tourism

Lisa Savarese  Profile of Lisa Savarese

Associate Teaching Professor
2046 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Adapted sports and therapeutic recreation