Thesis & projects

Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation graduate students may choose from one of three options for their degree program. The two research options are thesis or project.

A thesis is a research project resulting in a bound publication explaining the study and its results. A thesis committee consists of a faculty advisor and two other committee members. A project, while not necessarily a research project, is an extensive undertaking also resulting in a bound publication. A project committee consists of only one person, the student's project advisor.

Useful Information

Students conducting research will be interested in the following:

Graduate research and travel grants

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Thesis/Project Guidelines

Examples of theses and projects include:

Mueller, H. Is Receation Worth the Wait? An Exploration of Wait Time, Satisfaction, and Loyalty in Recreational Experiences. Masters in Recreation Management, December 2018, 50 pp.

Kirschbaum, L.  Acquiring Multisensory Environment Training as Professional Development and Implementation for Internship.  Masters in Therapeutic Recreation, May 2009, 56 pp.

Miyata, O.  A Compendium of Literature on Chemical Dependency for the Leisure and Well Being Model.  MS in Therapeutic Recreation, August 2008, 82 pp.

Ertel, J. Pre-trip Training: An Integral Component of Integrated Adventure Programming.  MS in Therapeutic Recreation, August 2008, 93 pp.

Rasmussen, H.  Disturbance of Waterfowl by Boaters on Pool 4 of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.  MS in Recreation Management, May 2007, 49 pp.

Fahey, J.  The Evaluation and Revision of Leisure Resources Modules for Adult Males with Mental Illnesses.  Masters in Therapeutic Recreation, May 2007, 190 pp.

Ball, J. Leadership Competencies of University Recreational Directors in Wisconsin.  Masters in Recreation Management, May 2007, 37 pp.