Program Overview

A page within School Psychology: An online program for Wisconsin educators

An innovative program addressing the mental health needs of Wisconsin's K–12 students.

The courses in our new program are six to seven weeks long, and students will complete one course at a time. Most class work can be completed anytime. You can see upcoming course dates by downloading the 2023-24 class schedule.

The program is aligned to the standards set by the National Association of School Psychologists.  

Course schedule


  • SPY 700—School Psychology: Role and Function


  • SPY 751—School-wide Practices for Academics, Behavior, and Mental Health in a MTSS Model

  • SPY 775—Behavioral Assessment and Management


  • SPY 757—Psychoeducational Assessment I

  • SPY 752—Academic, Behavioral, and Mental Health Interventions

Year 1: 15 credits (all classes 3 cr). Course descriptions available in the Graduate Catalog.


  • SPY 717—Child & Adolescent Mental Health for School Psychologists

  • SPY 759—Assessment of Students with Emotional/Behavioral Needs


  • SPY 771—Application of Multicultural Psychology

  • SPE 715—Special Education and the Law


  • SPY 776—Psychological Consultation and Collaboration

  • SPY 756—Early Childhood Assessment

Year 2: 18 credits (all classes 3 cr). Course descriptions available in the Graduate Catalog.


  • SPY 758—Psychoeducational Assessment II

  • SPY 772—Counseling and Therapy Methods


  • SPY 763—Supervised Practicum in School Psychology II (full semester)

  • SPY 773—Advanced Counseling and Therapy Methods


  • SPY 764—Supervised Practicum in School Psychology III (full semester)

  • SPY 725—Research and Program Evaluation in Schools

Year 3: 18 credits (all classes 3 cr). Course descriptions available in the Graduate Catalog.


  • SPY 803—Case Conceptualization Project (1 credit)

  • SPY 802—Research/Specialist Project


  • SPY 797—Internship in School Psychology (full semester)


  • SPY 797—Internship in School Psychology (full semester)

Year 4: 10 credits (all classes 3 cr except as noted). Course descriptions available in the Graduate Catalog.

Class size

To ensure a high-quality educational experience, our online class size is just 12 students, the same as our on-campus program. Online students connect with each other and their instructors through online discussions and other assignments. 

Summer gathering

We will meet each year in a program-wide orientation and networking event at UWL. It will be a chance to get to know your classmates and program faculty. New students will start to grow those relationships before the program starts; returning students will have a chance to re-connect and continue developing as colleagues.

We will next meet in La Crosse on Thursday, June 27, 2024. Students will arrange their own transport to La Crosse. If a conflict prevents you from attending we can provide the information to you in another format.

Summertime view of the UWL Student Union



You are ready for online learning if you have the following:

  • A computer that is available for you to use on a regular basis
  • Video camera that is part of computer or connected to computer
  • Headset and microphone (optional)
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Internet that can handle videoconferencing - recommendation is for a minimum of 8 Mbps downloading and 1.5 Mbps for uploading. Perform an internet search for "internet speed test" and choose a site to test your system.