The Minor in Healthcare Analytics Management is very flexible and can be combined with any major with only ECO 110, ENG 110 and STAT 145 as prerequisites. However, certain elective choices may fit best with your career goals and chosen major and could additional prereqs. For help navigating this curriculum, set up an advising appointment with Dr. Mary Hamman, or come by during Walk-in Advising.

Interactive Curriculum Navigator

At the October Hackathon, students built a Curriculum Navigator tool using Tableau. This tool displays recommended pathways through the minor based on your chosen major or career path, and it contains information on scheduling of courses. Students Max Courtney (Senior Economics, German Studies and Finance Majors) and Madeline Coffey (Senior Economics Major, Chemistry and Spanish Minors) produced the winning viz and you can view their work via the link below.

Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for advising, but rather a helpful tool to get you started. Please refer to current course catalogs and program requirements and note that only 6 credits may double count towards you major and this minor.

Click here to view the Curriculum Navigator: