About us

The Management B.S. degree offered at UW-La Crosse prepares students for a challenging career in for-profit and non-profit organizations. Working with a highly-trained and specialized group of faculty and staff, many of our students are well prepared in their mastery of technical business management as well as in their communication skills, their ability to work with others, their willingness to accept leadership responsibilities, and their respect for human differences.

The management program is carefully structured to meet the requirements of AACSB International of which UW-La Crosse is an accredited member. Approximately 25% of the schools of business in the U.S. hold this accreditation.

Learning outcomes

We are developing socially responsible leaders and team members, and evidence-based decision-makers who are prepared to effectively manage people and processes in a global and diverse organizational environment.

  1. Diversity, inclusion, and cross-cultural awareness 

  2. Ethics and social responsibility 

  3. Evidence-based practice and decision-making 

  4. Collaborative learning environment  

  5. Community engagement  

  1. Students will demonstrate critical management content knowledge related to organizational processes and managing and leading people.
  2. Students will apply evidence-based decision-making to address business issues individually and collaboratively.
  3. Students will practice effective teamwork and leadership skills/behaviors in a way that promotes inclusivity and engages others to work together towards a common goal.
  4. Students will demonstrate knowledge of cultural diversity and will use knowledge to recommend effective management practices for international and cross-cultural business.
  5. Students will apply an understanding of sustainable business concepts (including corporate social responsibility and business ethics) to decision-making within organizations.

Why pursue a UW-La Crosse management degree?

  • Focus on your personal interests: Our department offers a variety of management electives with several different career paths in mind. There are no formal concentrations within the management major, but students have the option to customize their degree to fit many targeted career paths. View suggested special interest areas here.
  • We are committed to social responsibility and sustainability: Sustainable business concepts are at the core of our learning values. Additionally, we offer a Sustainable Business minor that allows students to focus on topics such as global responsibility and environmental impact.
  • Enhance your experience with a unique interdisciplinary program: Students have the opportunity to apply to the CBA's Integrated Core Program. This program is designed to strengthen students' understanding of core business functions in management and how they relate to finance and marketing.

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