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Single Payroll Project

Title and Total Compensation

Administrative Transformation

Description: The Single Payroll Project desires to migrate all 4 UW System payrolls to one single, bi-weekly payroll. Description: TTC will update the current title structure for all UW System staff.   Description: The overall objective is to right-size the administrative complexity to support the UW System’s missions of education, research, and outreach. Doing ATP correctly will involve a transformation with people and on policies and processes supported by technology. 
Why: Reduce current 4 UW System-wide payrolls to 1; improve processes for running payroll.   Why: Migrate the current title system to a more modern titling structure to ensure appropriate market comparisons in positions.  Why: Long-term create operational efficiencies in data management, process improvement, and reduce reliance on shadow databases.
Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services
Status: Active Status: Active Status: Active
Target Delivery Date: July 1, 2021 Target Delivery Date: March 2021 Target Delivery Date: 2023-2025
Resources: Single Payroll Project Resources: UW System Information | UWL Information Resources: https://atp.vcfa.wisc.edu/

e-Performance Management

Mandatory Training

Criminal Background Checks

Description: UW System deployed a solution to transition from paper-based evaluations to an online, automated process using the existing evaluation form for the local campus. Description: UW System deployed a solution to centralize the management of all new hires and annual employee compliance training requirements.   Description: UW-Shared Services provides criminal background and sexual harassment reference checks that are standardized and centrally processed in compliance with UW Board of Regents’ policy 20-19 and UW System Administration Policy 1275. 
Why: Automate current paper-based process; increase access for employees to data in evaluations to track and monitor progress towards goals.  Accessible in MyUW Portal.  Why: Create a centralized process to ensure system-wide compliance with the Board of Regents policies.  Increase access and visibility to completion by providing access in MyUW Portal. Why: Ensure system-wide compliance and consistency of application when reviewing results of CBCs. Create efficiencies by automating required 4-year CBC check for persons in positions of trust or access to vulnerable populations. 
Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services
Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services
Status: Complete Status: Complete Status: Complete
Target Delivery Date: July 1, 2020 Target Delivery Date: September 21, 2020 Target Delivery Date: October 1, 2020
Resources: UWL Performance Site Resources: UWL MET Site Resources: UWSS CBC Site

Employee Self Service Direct Deposit

PeopleAdmin Integration into HRS

Alemba Ticketing Program

Description: Establishing the MyUW Portal module to allow for employees to update their Direct Deposit information 24/7, securely, online. Description: UWSS providing integration between PeopleAdmin and HRS to allow for immediate new employee entry (automatically) in HRS.  Expedites the time for processing new employees and their active status in the campus email system.  Description: Enhancing communication between UW Service Operations and the local campus HR Office to adjudicate and manage employee payroll/data related issues more efficiently.  
Why: Reduce security issues related to the submission of employee's banking information. Why: Automate and expedite the entry of new employees into HRS and UWL network systems.  Why: Create better accountability and access to resources by tracking and adjudicating employee's requests.
Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services
Status: On hold Status: Active Status: Active
Target Delivery Date: December 15, 2020 Target Delivery Date: January 1, 2021 Target Delivery Date: April 1, 2021
Resources: UWSS Information Site Resources: Contact HR Resources: Contact HR

Electronic P-File Project

Description: Transitioning all legacy paper p-file documents to the module in HRS for online retention. All documents from Jan. 2020 already in electronic p-file.  The desired goal, provide employee access in mid-2021.
Why: Over time, provide instant access to employees through the MyUW Portal to their p-file. Centralize the ability to share information with key stakeholders, such as supervisors and Business Managers for payroll related documents.  
Sponsor: UW System/Shared Services
Status: Active
Target Delivery Date: July 1, 2021
Resources: UW Service Operations Site

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