The UW-L Jazz Orchestra is a nationally recognized ensemble that performs top-quality big band literature. Jazz styles from swing to fusion are represented in the Orchestra's repertoire. The UWL jazz ensembles average seven concerts concerts per year, in both campus and off-campus performances, such as jazz festivals and school tours in the Seven Rivers Region. Concerts often feature guest artists, providing students the opportunity to work with professionals such as The Rodriguez Brothers, Bob Mintzer, Randy Brecker, Ed Soph, and Clark Terry. The Jazz Orchestra has toured both within the United States and internationally.


The UW-L Jazz Ensemble, like the Jazz Orchestra, performs music encompassing all styles. Most freshman enroll in Jazz Ensemble for their first collegiate jazz experience. The focus of this group is on the development of individual and ensemble skills, as well as learning various jazz styles and improvisation. This ensemble performs multiple concerts on campus each semester and occasionally performs off-campus.


All students have the opportunity to audition for jazz combos. Ensembles are organized based on students' musicianship and class schedules. Combos generally rehearse two hours a week, one hour with a jazz faculty member, and one hour on their own. Student combos also frequently have the opportunity to perform on both on-campus and off-campus venues.

Courses are also offered in

* Jazz Improvisation
* Jazz History
* Jazz Pedagogy