Jazz scholarships

We are pleased to announce scholarships for study in the jazz area. Many of these may be renewed for up to five years for talented students who continue to meet participation and academic criteria. These awards are available to all students regardless of major.

Jazz Scholarship Audition Requirements

All Instruments

·      Performance of a Jazz Standard or Solo or a selection from your Jazz Band Music.  

·      Performance of a classical solo or etude showing technique and musicality.

·      Performance of 3 major scales-selected from C, F, G, Bb, D, Eb, A, Ab, E

·      Optional: an improvised solo with recorded or live accompaniment


Rhythm section instruments should also prepare the following:


·      Walk a quarter note bass line over a blues in the key of Bb or F.

·      Demonstrate other styles with which you are familiar


·      Demonstrate a swing comping style over a 12 bar blues in Bb or F.

·      Demonstrate other styles with which you are familiar

Drums:  Play 24 measures or more of

·      Swing feel at a medium tempo

·      Boss Nova

·      Funk/rock

·      Samba


Jazz Scholarships are part of the financial support available to musicians at UWL. Music majors are also encouraged to apply for other UWL music scholarships. Check with the UWL Foundation for more information on scholarships for students not related to the music area.